1.8 and 3.5 Cub Self-loading Mixer Trucks were Successfully Sent to the Philippines

At the end of October 2020, the AS-1.8 and AS-3.5 cub self-loading concrete mixer trucks ordered by our Filipino customers were produced in our factory. Our engineers conducted strict inspections on them and the two machines were operating normally. Then we started packing and preparing to ship to the port and to the Philippines. Below are some photos of the equipment in the box and in operation:

AS-3.5 to the Philippines
AS-1.8 to the Philippines
AS-1.8 Specification
AS-3.5 Specification

The AS-1.8 and AS-3.5 ordered by customers are our best-selling models, and they have also received good feedback from customers in the Philippines. It should be noted that 1.8 here refers to the mixing capacity, which is the capacity of a mixing tank. Under normal circumstances, a self-loading mixer truck can mix 5 tanks of concrete an hour, so the capacity of the AS-1.8 model is 9m3/h. In addition, It should also be noted that there will be a certain difference between the theoretical capacity and the actual capacity. For example, the dryness and wetness of concrete, the slope of the engineering road, and other factors will affect the actual production capacity of self-loading mixers, so it is recommended to consider the actual demand when choosing.

6 Sets 1.8-Cub Self-Loading Mixer In Bataan, Philippines
Equipment Model AS-1.8 Self Loading Mixer Truck Hydraulic Motor BM5-160
Engine Model Yuchai 4102 Turbo-Charged Water Tank 500L
Rated Power 78kw Water Supply Time Relay
Gear Box Model ZL-280 Power Shift Gearbox Overall Dimensions(L*W*H) 7300*2650*3750
Gear 2 Forward 2 Back Wheelbase (mm) 2600
Fuel Tank 75 Liters Curb Weight (Kg) 6500
Total Hydraulic System Capacity 75 Liters Drive Form Torque Converter

3.5 self-loading concrete mixer truck in Bataan Philippines
Equipment Model AS-3.5 Type C Self Loading Mixer Truck Water Tank 620L
Engine Model YUCHAI 4105 Turbo-charged Water Supply Time Relay
Rated Power 85kw Overall Dimensions(L*W*H) 7600*2800*4180
Gear Box Model ZL-280 Power Shift Gearbox Wheelbase (mm) 2640
Gear 2 Forward 2 Back Curb Weight (Kg) 8010
Fuel Tank 75L Drive Form Torque Converter
Total Hydraulic System Capacity 75 Liters Drum Rotate 270º

In the Philippines, some customers can’t distinguish between self-loading mixer trucks and concrete mixer trucks. Let’s briefly introduce the difference between the two:

The concrete mixer truck is mainly for transportation and has no function of loading concrete. It is generally used in large and medium-sized concrete mixing plant projects to transport finished concrete.

Concrete mixer truck

The self-loading mixer truck has the functions of feeding, mixing, unloading, transportation, etc., similar to small mobile concrete batching plant, generally used for some small projects, especially suitable for some mountainous areas, rugged roads, and other mountain environments. Therefore, It is more suitable for some remote areas where concrete consumption is not very large.

6-sets 1.8 cub Self Loading-Concrete Mixer To Bataan Philippines

In addition to the 1.8 and 3.5 square self-loading mixers, we also have other models, such as AS-1.2 and AS-2.6 with small capacity, AS-4.0, AS-5.5, and AS-6.5 with large capacity. In terms of design, You can also modify the plan according to different project requirements to meet the actual engineering needs. If you need more detailed product information, please consult us:

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