Concrete Boom Pump For Sale

What is a concrete boom pump?

Concrete boom pump for sale is a construction machinery that uses pressure to continuously transport concrete along pipelines. The whole body mounted on the chassis of the truck and then install on the concrete placing boom that can be telescopic or flexure. That is called concrete boom pumps. Because of its flexibility and high efficiency, a concrete boom pump truck for sale is a hot sale on the market. There are different concrete placing boom of boom pump for sale for your selection, such as, 14m, 30m, 37m, 44m, 47m, 50m, 58m, etc.

14m ABTB40R-14 Concrete Boom Pump For Sale in Philippines

Concrete boom pump in Philippines
Concrete boom pump for sale in Philippines
Concrete Boom With Pump For Sale in Philippines
Concrete Boom With Pump For Sale in Philippines

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ABTB40R Parameters

Whole performance of machine


Max. theo. concrete outputm3/h40
Max.concrete pumping pressureMPa10
Distribution valve type S Valve
Concrete cylinder diameter×strokemmФ180×1300
Hopper capacityL500
Outlet diametermmФ150
Vertical height of boomm15.4
Radius of place concretem13-16
Big arm lengthm6.5
Big arm elevation angle°90
Small arm lengthm6.5
Small arm elevation angle°235
Concrete pipem125*3
Tower rotation angle°200
Leg open widthm5.5
Distribution rod direction control Manually
Power systemDiesel engine model Weichai WP4G110E220
Engine powerKw82
Rotate speedRPM2200
Travelling diesel engine Changchai L32
Travelling diesel engine power 32HP
Tyre 4*8.25*16
Other parametersMax. aggregate diametermm30
Inside diameter of delivering pipemmФ100
Total weightkg6500

ABTB40R Deliver Photos:

Concrete Boom Pump Deliver
Concrete Boom Pump Deliver
Concrete Boom Pump Deliver
Concrete Boom Pump Deliver
Concrete Boom Pump Deliver

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aimix concrete boom pump for sale
Aimix 30m concrete boom pump
ModelKNL5206THB 30-4M
Rated working pressure(MPa)32
Hopper capacity(L)600
Max. aggregate dimension(mm)40
Placing depth(m)30
Slewing angle±270°
Chassis modelEQ5200GSZ5DJ
Engine typeYC6A270-50

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Advantages of Aimix concrete boom pump for sale

1. Dual diesel and generator drive;

2. The fuel consumption of our concrete tower boom pump is 30% less than the machine produced by other concrete boom pump manufacturers;

3. Carry on the cloth with the concrete placing boom, greatly saving the time;

4. Due to its high automatic degree, just one person can operate the whole boom pressure concrete pump. Moreover, it equipped with remote control, which is more convenient to operate;

37m boom pump

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44m concrete boom pump

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5. Stable performance and high equipment utilization;

6. Its design is dexterous, the supporting leg covers a small area, and it is easy to move on the construction site;

7. The cloth is convenient and fast, with fast pumping speed and high working efficiency.

Aimix concrete boom pump in Philippines

aimix boom pump works in different construction sites
aimix boom pump works in different construction sites
37m boom pump
37m boom pump

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Philippines is our main market. And up to now, we have exported many construction machinery to Philippines, like concrete boom pump, concrete mixer pump, trailer pump, concrete batching plant, brick making machine, self loading concrete mixer and so on. Our concrete boom pump for sale gets good reputation from our customers. Aimix concrete pump lorry for sale has the wide application on the bridge construction, tall building construction, airport construction, highway construction and so on. Now, we have our branch office in Manila, Philippines. Therefore, it is more convenient for us to provide our customers better service. When you plan to buy a placing boom concrete pump, please don’t hesitate to choose our Aimix Group.

aimix boom pump machine
47m aimix boom pump machine
ModelKNL5340THB 47-6RZ
Rated working pressure(MPa)32
Hopper capacity(L)600
Max. aggregate dimension(mm)40
Placing depth(m)46.8
Slewing angle540°
Chassis modelZZ5347V524HE1
Engine typeMC11.40-50

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The core parts of our concrete boom pump

components of concrete boom pump for sale

Electronic control system: Electric system is high automated and reliable. And the major electrical device are from Schneider. The electronic control system is equipped with two kinds of control devices: board control device and wireless remote control device, which are with the features of easy operation. Meanwhile, it is equipped with several warning devices which can ensure high safety during machinery working.

Boom system: Boom system is based on accurate data from the finite element analysis, dynamic analysis and test. Boom system is produced with imported high-strength low-titanium alloy steel.

Hopper: Hopper of our concrete boom pump for sale is thick, strong, and good in dimension stability, which can prolong the service life of the concrete pump. The arc-shaped design of hopper can avoid blind corners, which improve the performance of the concrete transferring and reduce the frequency of concrete blocking-up.

Multi-way valve device: The best loading-sensing multi-way values are used to improve the stability during the boom operation.

The pump group: Its pump group is constituted by imported Kawasaki main oil pumps or Sonny exroth main oil pumps. The emission load of each oil pump is electronic controlled, so that the operation is convenient and easy, and the speed of the stransfering can be adjusted.

50m concrete boom pump
50m boom pump
boom pump in construction site
boom pump in construction site
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