Small Concrete Mixer For Sale

As one of our main market, the small concrete mixer for sale is hot sale on the market. As its name implied, because of its lighter weight and smaller occupation area, our small concrete mixer machine has been exported to many countries, including Philippines, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, Thailand, Kenya, Fiji, USA, Bangladesh and so on. Among these countries, our small concrete mixer philippines has received high praise from our customers there. If you are interested in our product, warmly welcome to visit us in local area.

3.5 And 5.5 Cub Small Self-Loading Concrete Mixer Truck in Bataan Philippines
3.5 And 5.5 Cub Small Self-Loading Concrete Mixer in Bataan Philippines
Transport 17 Sets Of Small Mixer Machine To Philippines
Transport 17 Sets Of Small Mixer Machine To Philippines
Transport 17 Sets Of Small Mixers To Philippines
Transport 17 Sets Of Small Mixers To Philippines

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Different types and application of small cement mixers

In general, the small size concrete mixer machine includes different types and models, such as, self-loading concrete mixer, twin shaft mixer machine, drum mix type machine, etc. Only you pick up the suitable small cement mixer for sale for your construction projects, you can maximize its function.

AS series self-loading concrete mixers

The small models of AS series self-installed mixers are AS-1.2 ~ AS-4.0. This series of mixers are currently widely used equipment, especially in the Philippines, we have received many feedbacks from our customers. Because of its operability and practicability, it is more suitable for small and medium-sized buildings, repair works, and places with poor mountain road conditions.

The small self-loading mixers are especially suitable for narrow mountain roads. In addition, because it can carry out loading, transportation, mixing plant, unloading, and other functions at the same time, it can be used as a small mobile batching plant, so it has been well received by many of our new and old customers.


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Equipment Model AS-1.8 AS-2.6 AS-3.5 AS-4.0
Engine Model Yuchai 4102 Turbo-Charged Yuchai 4102 Turbo-Charged YUCHAI 4105 Turbo-Charged YCD4J22G
Rated Power 78kw 78kw 85kw 85kw
Gear Box Model ZL-280 Power Shift Gearbox ZL-280 Power Shift Transmission ZL-280 Power Shift Gearbox ZL-280 Power Shift Gearbox
Gear 2 Forward 2 Back 2 Forward 2 Back 2 Forward 2 Back,Front Wheels Steering 2 Forward 2 Back,Front Wheels Steering
Fuel Tank 75 Liters 75L 75 L 230L
Total Hydraulic System Capacity 75 Liters 75 Liters 75 Liters 170 Liters
Oil Tank 16 Liters 16 Liters 16 Liters 16 Liters

JS series twin-shaft small cement mixer machine

If you purchase the small portable cement mixer in order to purchase commercial concrete, you can choose our JS series mixer. Actually, JS series machine is the twin shaft concrete mixer machine. It can mix the cement more evenly and thoroughly. Moreover, it also has the features of short mixing time, large mixing volume and high mixing quality. What’s more, if you want to use it in a concrete batching plant, JS series small portable concrete mixer is also an ideal choice for you.

JS500 small concrete mixer for sale

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JS750 small concrete mixer for sale

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JS1000 small cement mixer

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JS1500 small concrete mixer

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JS2000 small concrete mixer

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Item Charging Capacity (L) Discharging Capacity(L) Productivity( m/h) Aggregate Size(cobble/gravel) (mm) Overall Dimension
(LXWXH) (mm)
JS500 800 500 25 Min 80/60 4486x3030x5280
JS750 1200 750 35 Min 80/60 5100x2250x6700
JS1000 1600 1000 50 Min 80/60 8765x3436x9540
JS1500 2400 1500 75 Min 80/60 9645X3436X9700
JS2000 3200 2000 100 Min 80/60 3500X2320X1677

JZ series small batch concrete mixer

JZ series mixer is actually drum mix type small mobile concrete mixer. The biggest advantages of this small drum concrete mixer is cost-effective. It has the features of small purchase cost and easy to use. Of course, JZ series mixer includes JZC and JZM models. You can choose JZC type under the following conditions: the projects is not very big; the construction period is not too long; your construction site is not spacious. Compared with JZC series, JZM series concrete mixer small size has higher working efficiency and power. Its price is also slightly higher.

JZC350 small concrete cement mixer

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JZC500 small drum mixer machine

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Item Charging Capacity (L) Discharging Capacity (L) Productivity (m3/h) Aggregate Size (cobble/gravel) (mm) Overall Dimension (LxWxH) (mm) Overall Weight (kg)
JZC350 560 350 10/14 60 4010X2140X3340 1610
JZC350B 560 350 10/14 60 4310X2140X4180 1610
JZC500 800 500 18-20 60 5230X2300X5450 3200

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JZC500 small drum concrete mixer
the component of concrete mix machine
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Advantages of our small concrete mixer for sale

mixing system of small mixer machine
mixing system of small mixer machine
  • High automatic degree, working efficiency and mixing quality;
  • Low energy consumption, low noise and less pollution;
  • Short mixing time and quick discharging speed;
  • Long service life of lining plate and blade;
  • Simple operation and low labor intensity;
  • Easy maintenance and repairment;
  • Convenient to move and install, reducing construction period;
  • Advanced shaft end sealing technology, greatly improving the service life of mixing bearing.
electric system of small mixer
electric system of mixer machine

Where to buy small concrete mixer

When you want to buy a small concrete pan mixer, looking for a reputable manufacturer is important. Maybe you can get the information about these manufactures online or offline. You can search for about small concrete mixer supplier online. And then you will get many results about these suppliers. Judge whether these suppliers is with strong strengths. Another way is to find the supplier offline. Maybe you have learn some related construction machinery manufacturer. Or you can ask your friend for help. Them can recommend you some trustworthy sellers.

JZM350 small mobile cement mixer
JZM350 small mixer for sale
transport JZM350

Item JZM350
Charging Capacity (L) 560
Discharging Capacity (L) 350
Productivity (m3/h) 10~14
Aggregate Size (cobble/gravel) (mm) 60
Overall Dimension (LxWxH) (mm) 4310X2140X4240
Overall Weight (kg) 3200

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Our Aimix Group is a reputable manufacturer in Philippines. We produce all kinds of products. Besides small concrete mixture machine, we also can provide you with concrete batching plant, brick making machine, concrete mixer pump, self loading mixer, etc. Up to now, we have already transported many sets of small scale concrete mixers to Philippines. And we have our branch office in Manila, Philippines. You can visit our office or our salesman can visit your construction site and help you design it.

small mixer machine factory
our mixer production factory

Pay attention to the following factors when purchase

In order to purchase a good small concrete mixer for sale, you should be concerned with the following aspects.

Provide complete technical parameters. Parameters are crucial for a small cement mixer for sale. When you check out the specifications, you not only need to notice the production capacity, but also other parameters, such as, its size, charging and discharging capacity, etc. So ask the manufacturer show you its complete parameter table.

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Send JS1000 to Uzbekistan
Send it to Uzbekistan

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Notice the related supporting facilities. Sometimes we buy a small concrete mixer machine, we don’t just need a mainframe, and we also need other facilities, such as, track, ladder, outrigger, guardrail, pressure pump and so on. So when you communicate with manufacturers, talk in detail.

Consider about the after-sale service. Besides quality and small concrete mixer price, the after-sale service is also a important factor. Usually, the after-sale service includes transportation, installation, debugging, maintenance and so on. When you choose a manufacturer of small portable concrete mixer, consider this factor before purchasing.

To sum up, if you wan to buy a good quality small concrete mixer for sale, welcome to contact us as soon as possible!

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