Concrete Mixer Pump

Concrete mixer pump has a mixer drum on its movable chassis so that it has the same functions as a concrete mixer. At the same time, aimix concrete mixer pump also has a set of hydraulic pumping systems which is why it can convey the ready-made concrete to a horizontal distance or several meters of height. Therefore, concrete mixer with pump will be your ideal equipment for your self-built house construction, villa construction, country road paving construction, warehouse construction, and so on.

portable concrete mixer pump 40m3
ABJZ40C Concrete Mixer Pump Working for Self-built House Construction
mixer hydraulic pump 40m3 for sale

diesel concrete mixer pump working for rural self-built house construction

How Can A Concrete Mixer Pump Benefit Your Construction Projects?

Since aimix concrete mixer pump has both concrete-mixing and concrete-pumping functions in one unit, it will benefit a lot for your construction projects. In the following part, I will explain some advantages if you use a mixer pump concrete.

1. Save Money

  • Save Machine Cost: If you have the need of making concrete on your site, and pumping concrete at the same time, then buying a concrete mixer pump can save you a lot of money to buy a concrete mixer and an extra concrete pump because our concrete pump mixer combines the functions of a single concrete mixer and a single concrete pump for sale in one unit.
  • Save Save Labor Cost: Aimix concrete mixer pump uses a set of fully automatic control system, which allows you to easily operate it on your site. With a remote control, you only need 1 worker to command the remote control, 1 worker to add water to the mixer drum, and 1 worker to drive the wheel loader to feed the aggregate materials. In total, you will only need 3 workers to keep the mixer pump normally running.

Here I attach a concrete mixer pump video to explain you how does the concrete mixer with pump work. After checking this video, you will understand how the multifunctions of our concrete mix and pump save your money.

2. Implement Vertical and Horizontal Placing of Concrete

Actually, the concrete mixer and pump can reach maximum 160 meters long and 600 meters high.

  • With high-pressure pumping functions and several meters of laying pipes, the concrete pump with mixer can be used for your various concrete pouring work, such as floor pouring, slab pouring, ground paving, columns pouring, and wall pouring for high-rise buildings or large-area foundations construction.
  • Consequently, you can use our mixer concrete pump fo a wide range of construction applications, including residential construction, rural self-built house construction, villa construction, foundation construction, etc.

In order to show you the excellent performance of our concrete mixture pump for the placing of concrete for the high-rise house construction, I will list you a case of our 40m3 concrete mixer pump working for the villa construction in Ormoc, the Philippines.

3. Save Time

By combining the mixing and pumping capabilities together, the concrete mix pump can speed up the workflow of your concrete-producing process on your site and reduce the overall time for the placing of concrete.

4. Suitable for Any Kinds of Terrains

The concrete mixing pump has compact size and wheeled-base. Thence, you can easily transport it to any terrains with limited space or tight working conditions. For example, the mountain road, gravel road, muddy road, country road, narrow alley, and so on. Their small footprint and mobility make it easy for you to conveniently transfer it between different construction sites in narrow areas.

pumpcrete mixer 40m3
ABJZ40C Diesel Concrete Mixer Pump for Foundation Pouring

40m3 concrete mixer pump capacity
ABJZ40D Electric Concrete Mixer Pump for Self-built House Construction

To sum up, our concrete mixer with pumps for sale are versatile machines that are capable of handling both concrete producing work and vertical and horizontal concrete placing work. If you are interested in our concrete drum mixer pumps, please contact us now, or go on reading to choose a right type of concrete mixer pump for your construction items in the Philippines.

How to Choose A Right Concrete Mixer Pump for Your Projects?

In general, all the choosing tips depend on your requirement of your own projects. We supply two concrete mixer pump types in the Philippines, diesel-type and electric-type.

  • If your projects located on the areas that lack of electricity, then the diesel-type concrete mixing pump trailer would be your first choice. For the diesel-type concrete mixer pump, Aimix has ABJZ30C and ABJZ40C for sale.
  • If you have less budget, then you should consider the electric-type concrete mixing pump trailer. Under the same capacities, the electric concrete mixer pump will cost you less than the diesel-type. Regarding the electric-type concrete mixer pump, Aimix has ABJZ30D and ABJZ40D for sale. For example, under the same capacity of 30m3, ABJZ30D is cheaper than ABJZ30C.
  • Since you have learning all the types of concrete mix pumping machines in Aimix Group, now, let me introduce you with the detailed concrete mixer pump capacity for you in the below part.

Concrete Mixer Pump Specifications of Diesel-Type and Electric-Type

Max. theo. concrete outputm3/h3040
Max. concrete pumping pressure(H./L.)Mpa810
Distribution Valve TypeSS
Concrete Cylinder Diameter×StrokemmΦ140/1000Φ180/1000
Hopper Capacity×Feeding HeightL×mm400×1200400×1200
Outlet DiametermmΦ100Φ150
Electrical Engineering PowerKW6682
Rotate Speedr/min18002200
Circuit TypeOpen CircuitOpen Circuit
Pumping System PressureMpa2832
Mixing System PressureMpa1010
Max Mixing Sppedr/min2020
Capacity of Oil TankL350350
The biggest transportation is away from vertically(/Level)m120/400150/600
Max. Aggregate DiametermmΦ100Φ125
Dimensions: length×width×heightmm6000×2300×31506000×2350×3150
Total WeightKg55006000
Max. Theo. Concrete Outputm3/h3040
Max. Concrete Pumping Pressure(H./L.)Mpa1010
Distribution Valve TypeSS
Concrete Cylinder Diameter×StrokemmΦ140/845Φ180/1000
Hopper Capactiy×Feeding HeightL×mm400×1200400×1200
Outlet DiametermmΦ100Φ150
Electrical Engineering PowerKW3745
Rotate Speedr/min14801480
Circuit TypeOpen CircuitOpen Circuit
Pumping System PressureMpa2828
Mixing System PressureMpa1010
Max Mixing Speedr/min2020
Capacity of Oil TankL260370
The biggest transportation is away from vertically(/Level)m160/500160/500
Max. Aggregate Diametermm20Scree:30
Inside Diameter of Delivering PipemmΦ100Φ125
Dimensions: length×width×heightmm3400×1420×16004250×2300×3150
Total WeightKg23004500

What Fields Can Aimix Concrete Mixer Pump Be Applied?

Since a concrete pump and mixer can mix the concrete and pump the finished concrete mortar at the same time, the mobile concrete pump has wide applications for various construction projects, involving rural self-built house construction, sidewalk paving construction, country road paving and repairing construction, foundation construction, and so on.

Cases of Concrete Mixer Pumps Working in the Philippines

As a leading concrete mixer pump manufacturer, Aimix has sold over 300 sets of concrete mixer pump trailers to the Philippines in recent years. Here, I will list some successful cases of aimix concrete mixer with pumps applied for a lot of projects in Manila, Cebu, Davao, Makati, Quezon, Angeles, and other cities in the Philippines.

As the above mentioned, our concrete mixer with pumps have so many advantages. Now, let me introduce you with more features of aimix concrete mixing pumps to help you learning them.

Detailed Features of Concrete Mixer Pumps

Our mixer concrete pump has many advantages. Thence, a lot of customers from the Philippines have chosen our cement mixer with pumps for their small-scale construction projects. Now, let me present the good points for our mortar mixer pumps for you.

  • 1. Lifting Feeding Hopper-Save Time and Labor Costs

    There is a lifting hopper on the side of the mixer pump concrete. It can be lifted up and down for the sake of loading aggregate materials into the mixer drum. With a remote control, you can easily operate the lifting hopper of the concrete mixing pump to come down and uprise to complete the aggregates feeding work.

    You can use a wheel loader or an excavator to feed the sand, gravel, stone, fly ash, or cement to the hopper, then you can hoist the hopper to discharge all the materials to the mixer drum. By means of our lifting hopper, you can save a lot of time and labor costs to load aggregate materials.

    lifting hopper of concrete mixer pumps
    Lifting Hopper

    hopper in a concrete mixer pump
    Feeding Aggregate Materials

  • 2. Rotating Mixing Drum

    As you can see, our concrete mix pump has a rotating mixing drum on its trailer chassis. Thus, it is also called a concrete drum mixer pump. What is more, it can produce concrete as a concrete mixer.

    mixer drum
    Rotating Mixing Drum

    Mixing Drum
    Concrete Mixing Drum

  • 3. Towable Chassis with Pneumatic Wheel Tires

    The concrete pump with mixer can be easily dragged because it has a towable chassis with two wheels. You can use a forklift or other tools to transfer the ready-mix concrete pump among your different sites.

  • 4. Legs for Stability during the Mixing Cycle

    There are several supporting legs on the trailer unit. Besides, all the legs can be automatically lifted up and down. When transferring the lightweight concrete mixer pump, you can pack up them. And you can lay down them when you want to start the concrete mixing and pumping work.

    concrete mixer pump trailer 40m3
    Supporting Legs

    concrete mixer pump with supporting legs
    Lifting Legs

  • 5. Lower Investment

    Buying other machines including a concrete mixer, a concrete transport truck, and a concrete trailer pump will cost you a lot if you want to complete the concrete-producing work and concrete-pumping work for your projects. However, a lightweight concrete mixer and pump has both concrete-mixing and concrete-pouring functions in one unit. Consequently, buying a concrete mixer pump will save you plenty of money to replace buying several construction machines.

  • 6. Less Floor Area

    A concrete mixer pump is an integrated mini concrete pump, and it only needs smaller space to be fixed on the ground.

  • Can Be Quickly Put Into Production

    Aimix concrete mixer pumps have a fully automatic control system. It is delivered as an integrated unit. Thence, you don’t need to assemble it when you receive it. You can use it to make concrete after being set up on your sites.

After learning all the benefits and good points of our concrete mixer with pump, I think it is time to learn our company, Aimix Group. In the next section, you will find our super services in the Philippines.

After-sale Service in Aimix Group

Aimix Group will supply a complete set of after-sales services for each of our Philippines customers. Please go on reading the details of our services.

Full Service

Aimix offers custom clearance services, delivery services, installation services, maintenance services, and training services for you in the Philippines.

Concrete Mixer Pumps in Stock

Aimix has developed several local agents and partners in some cities of the Philippines. And our agents have some end products in stock in their warehouse, including concrete pump mixers, stationary concrete pumps, self-loading mixer trucks, concrete line pumps, and so on.

Regular Return Visit

Every year, our sales team and postsale engineers will go to our customers’ sites for a return visit. They will provide technical instructions and maintenance guides for the sake of helping our clients to solve some issues they may have. Next, please check a video that records our sales team visiting our customers in the Philippines for the concrete mixer and pumps, self-loading mixers, stone crushers, and batching plants.

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