Hot Mix Asphalt Plant For Sale

Hot mix asphalt plant for sale is a kind of asphalt mixing plant. It mainly produces asphalt different asphalt mixture in batches. Cold mix asphalt plant can produce asphalt mixture by using cold aggregate, but hot mix plant for sale needs to heat the aggregate. So the drum dryer machine is a important part for asphalt hot mix plant. Hot asphalt mixing plant includes stationary type and mobile type. Pick up a more suitable one for your projects.

LB800 hot mix asphalt plant for sale
LB800 stationary type
ylb800 hot mix asphalt plant
YLB800 mobile type
  • Model: LB800
  • Rated capacity: 60t/h
  • Vibrating screen: 4
  • Rated mixing capacity: 900kg
  • Fuel Type: Heavy/Light oil
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  • Model: YLB800
  • Production Capacity: 40t/h
  • Vibrating screen: 4 layer
  • Rated mixing capacity: 600kg
  • Fuel type: Heavy/Light oil
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How much does a hot mix asphalt plant cost?

As we all know, there are many factors affecting the hot mix plant cost, such as, models, brands, production capacity, related service and so on. Let’s tell you some main factors.

First of all, types and models of hot mix asphalt plant for sale can influence the machine cost. LB series is stationary type hot asphalt plant. It is more suitable for projects that have a fixed construction site. YLB series is mobile hot mix plant. If you need to transport the asphalt hot mix plant for sale, maybe mobile type plant is a better choice for you. Right type and model of hot mix plant can help you save the purchase cost.

LB1000 asphalt hot mix plant
Type LB1000
Production Capacity(t/h) 80
Drying roller drive(KW) 5.5×4
Fileter area(m³) 420
Vibrating screen(layer) 4
Hot aggregate bin(m³) 9.5
Rated mixing capacity(kg) 1200
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Then, production capacity can affect the hot mix asphalt plant price. The production output of our hot mix asphalt plant for sale ranges from 40t/h to 240t/h. You should choose the production output depending on the size of your construction project.

At last, there are also some additional factors. For example, right transportation route can not only reduce your transportation cost, but also deliver the machine on time. Installation and training operators service can help you save the related cost.

LB1500 hot mix plant
  • Model: LB1500
  • Rated capacity: 1200t/h
  • Vibrating screen: 4
  • Rated mixing capacity: 1700kg
  • Fuel Type: Heavy/Light oil
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  • Model: LB2000
  • Rated capacity: 160t/h
  • Vibrating screen: 5
  • Rated mixing capacity: 2300kg
  • Fuel Type: Heavy/Light oil
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Advantages of hot mix asphalt plant for sale

1. Vital parts like burner, sensor all adopts international famous brands, which guarantees the service life of hot mix asphalt plant.

2. Weighing system of powder and bitumen belongs to separated weighing, which ensures the accuracy of materials.

Dryer drum1
Dryer drum
mixer machine
plc electric control -system
control system

3. There are different fuel ways for your selection, including diesel engine, heavy engine, coal engine, natural engine, etc. According to your real condition, choose more suitable one way.

4. Different types of dust collection system that you can choose, including gravitational dust collection, cyclone dust collection, water dust collection, bag dust collection and so on.

5. High quality finished asphalt mixture, simple operation, easy maintenance and low failure rate.

Complete of after-sale service from Aimix Group

production factory
woking factory
YLB1500 mobile hot mix asphalt plant
YLB1500 mobile hot mix asphalt plant in Philippines
Type YLB1500
Production Capacity(t/h) 160
Drying roller drive(KW) 15×4
Fileter area(m³) 620
Vibrating screen(layer) 5
Hot aggregate bin(m³) 30
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Besides high quality machine and competitive price, considerate service system is our strength. Aimix Group, as a professional asphalt hot mix plant manufacturers, has established 8 service networks including more than 60 after-sales service engineers for overseas market. They all unified manage and deployment by the specialized agencies-Customer service center, and establish a detailed customer files. The electrical and mechanical after service engineer’s technical level and skill are fully qualified for the installation, adjustment, commissioning, training and advice the user’s operators and provide free technical advisory service etc.

When you plan to invest in a hot mix asphalt plant, selecting our company is beneficial for you.

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