Concrete Pump For Sale

Concrete pump for sale is very commonly seen construction equipment. It is very practical to convey concrete in the working site. In general, concrete pump is equipped on a trailer chassis which is easy to move from one site to another site. In recent years, concrete pump has a boost usage with the rapid development of construction. Concrete pump for sale is widely used in house building, bridges, high way, tunnel projects, etc.



Max. Theoretioal Throughput(m3/h):40
Max. Pumping Pressure(MPa):11/13/15
Max. Theoretical Vertical Conveying Distance(m):150
Max. Theoretioal Horizontal Conveying Distance:600
Max. Aggregate Diameter(mm):40/50

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Concrete Pump Manufacturer—Aimix Group

Aimix group is one of largest concrete pump manufacturers in China, we have established for more than 30 years and possessed more than 10 exporting experience. Every year we have over 500 sales volume in overseas about 40 countries. Customers would like to choose us because our good quality concrete pump for sale and superior service. We have built many sub offices in many countries, such as Philippines, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Sir Lanka, Roman, Indonesia, etc. Customer never worry about our service, and could find us any time. We are dedicated in spreading our products to all over the world.

JBS40 diesel concrete pump to Fiji
AIMIX JB40R-JZC350concrete mixer pumps in Australia
JBS40-JS750 concrete mixer pump in Uk
jbs40r concrete mixer pump in philippines
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How To Choose Proper Concrete Pump For Sale?

Varieties Of Concrete Pump For Sale

According to the driven engine

There are mainly two types concrete pumping machine for sale according to different driven engine, such as electric concrete pump and diesel concrete pump for sale.

HBTS60R diesel pump
HBTS60R diesel pump

Max. Theoretioal Throughput(m3/h):60
Max. Pumping Pressure(MPa):13/15/16
Max. Theoretical Vertical Conveying Distance(m):190
Max. Theoretioal Horizontal Conveying Distance:1000
Max. Aggregate Diameter(mm):40/50 Slump(cm)50

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HBT40 electric trailer pump
HBT40 electric pump

Max. Theoretioal Throughput(m3/h):40
Max. Pumping Pressure(MPa):11/13
Max. Theoretical Vertical Conveying Distance(m):150
Max. Theoretioal Horizontal Conveying Distance:600
Max. Aggregate Diameter(mm):30/40

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Divided by with or without concrete mixer

Concrete pump for sale with a mixer, called concrete mixer with pump, it has effective usage in mixing concrete while transferring concrete in a long or high distance in working site. Concrete mixer pump also has diesel type and electric type, which can transfer concrete about 80-100 meters in vertical height and about 150-300 meter in horizontal direction.

JBS40R diesel concrete mixer pump
JB40R-JZC350 diesel concrete mixer pump

Model: JB40R-JZC350
Max. Theoretical Conveying Capacity: 40m3/h
Distribution valve type: S Valve
Diesel engine model: Deutz
Max. Theoretical Vertical Conveying Distance: 150m
Max. Theoretical Horizontal Conveying Distance: 600m
Max. Aggregate Diameter: 40mm

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jbs40 concrete mixer pump
JBS40 electric concrete mixer pump

Model: JBS40-JZC350
Max. Theoretical Conveying Capacity: 40m3/h
Motor Power: 55.75kw
Max Aggregate Size: 40mm
Max Horizontal Conveying Distance: 600m
Max Vertical Conveying Distance: 150m
Mixer Model: JZC350

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Other type, without concrete mixer, it is a trailer concrete pump with powerful conveying capacity, with advantages of safe management, low cost and less environment pollution. This kind of trailer concrete pump for sale is portable and flexible to move, moreover it is flexible in layout pipelines to convey concrete to anywhere need it.

HBTS50 trailer pump

Max. Theoretioal Throughput(m3/h):50
Max. Pumping Pressure(MPa):13
Max. Theoretical Vertical Conveying Distance(m):180
Max. Theoretioal Horizontal Conveying Distance:600
Max. Aggregate Diameter(mm):40/50 Slump(cm):12—23

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JBS40 mobile concrete pump

Max. Theoretical Conveying Capacity:40m3/h
Motor Power(KW):70.1
Max Aggregate Size(mm):40
Max Horizontal Conveying Distance(M):600
Maximum Delivery Vertical Distance(M):150

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The Main Features Of Concrete Pump For Sale From Aimix Group

concrete pump structure

1 It has adopted double pumps and double loop open hydraulic system. The main concrete pumping line and s slave swing oil line are mutual independent from each other, which makes simple system and prolong the service life. Moreover it makes concrete pump for sale more reliable and convenient to judge failure and debugging equipment.

2. We have designed anti pump function, which is benefit for removing blocking of concrete pump and could realize non-stop for materials in a short period.

3. We have adopted advanced s slave, automatically making wear clearance compensation and good sealing and large conveying power.

4. Long service life by using wear resistance alloy eyeglasses plate and could reach maximum 300,000 cub concrete pumping.

5. We have adopted automatic lubricate system to make sure effect lubrication in running state.

diesel concrete pump part
electric control system

6. We manufacture concrete pump for sale with remote control system, so concrete pump for sale is easy to operate and use.

7. All parts are adopted international famous brand, which is easy o find in the local place.

8. So as to make sure the temperature is below 70 degree in working condition, we have designed large forced air cooling radiator unit in cooling system, which is aim to guarantee the formal working state of main engine and hydraulic system of concrete pup for sale.

HBT80 electric trailer pump
HBT80 concrete pump trailer

Max. Theoretioal Throughput(m3/h):80
Max. Pumping Pressure(MPa):16
Max. Theoretical Vertical Conveying Distance(m):200
Max. Theoretioal Horizontal Conveying Distance:1000
Max. Aggregate Diameter(mm):50

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JBS30R diesel pump

Model: JB30R-JZC350
Max. Theoretical Conveying Capacity: 30m3/h
Distribution valve type: S Valve
Max. Theoretical Vertical Conveying Distance: 120m
Max. Theoretical Horizontal Conveying Distance: 600m
Max. Aggregate Diameter: Scree: 20mm

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1. 24 hours on line service freely;

2. One year warranty time except vulnerable parts.

3. Life long maintenance service;

4. Send engineers to install and debug equipment;

5. Freely train operators to use and maintain skills;

6. Send engineers to fix failure if customers need;

7. Supply all kinds of spare parts;

If you need other concrete pump for sale, such as concrete mixer pump, trailer concrete pump, mobile concrete pump, ready mix concrete pump, concrete boom pump for sale…. we also could supply according to your requirements. In a word, aimix group is a integrative suppliers of concrete pumps, combining manufacturing, selling and servicing together, we are professional and reliable in supplying concrete pump for sale.

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