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Electric concrete mixer for sale takes the electric engine as its driven power. If you live in the area where there are plenty of electricity or the electricity is convenient to use, purchasing an electric concrete cement mixer is a good choice for you. As a electric motor concrete mixer manufacturer, our Aimix Group provides you with various types of electric concrete mixer philippines, including JS series, JZC series, JZM series, etc. Our concrete mixer electric motor has wide use on the road construction, building construction, bridge construction, tunnel project and so on. Welcome to contact us to get the quotation!

JZC500 electric concrete mixer for sale
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Advantages of Aimix electric cement mixer

1. Imported accessories. The electrical system adopts all imported components from foreign manufacturers, with complete functions and reliable performance.

feeding system
feeding bucket

2. Wide application. Our electric motor concrete mixer can mix plastic, rigid and fluidity concrete, lightweight aggregate and mortar. Moreover, it also can match the concrete batch mix plant or concrete pump machine to use.

3. Cover a small area. Electric motor for concrete mixer adds the materials by the bucket elevator, which has compact structure and smaller occupation area.

JS500 electric concrete mixer for sale

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JS750 electric concrete mixer
JS750 with shaft-end sealing technology

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JS1000 electric motor mixer

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JS1500 electric cement mixer

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Item Charging Capacity (L) Discharging Capacity(L) Productivity( m/h) Aggregate Size(cobble/gravel) (mm) Overall Dimension
(LXWXH) (mm)
JS500 800 500 25 Min 80/60 4486x3030x5280
JS750 1200 750 35 Min 80/60 5100x2250x6700
JS1000 1600 1000 50 Min 80/60 8765x3436x9540
JS1500 2400 1500 75 Min 80/60 9645X3436X9700
JS2000 3200 2000 100 Min 80/60 3500X2320X1677

4. Tight sealing. Our electric cement mixers for sale uses shaft-end technology, guaranteeing the quality of mixing. What’s more, our shaft-end technology has applied for a patent.

5. Simple operation. It is easy for operators to operate the electric cement mixer for sale, greatly reducing the labor intensity and saving the labor cost.

6. Convenient transportation. Because of its light weight, our cement electric mixer can be easily moved from one site to another.

Look for a high-quality electric concrete mixer for sale

When you plan to purchase an electric mixer construction, you should pay more attention to the following aspects, such as, the quality, strengths of manufacturers, purchase electric cement mixer price, after-sale service, etc. These aspects will decide whether you can get a good-quality electric motor for cement mixer.

Whether you search for the concrete mixer manufacturer online or offline, you’d better visit their factories if you are convenient. By visiting their factories, you can learn their production process and technologies, the scale of their factory, the quality of spare parts and so on. Like our Aimix Group, besides our parent office in China, we also have branch office in Philippines. Therefore, if you are interested, welcome to visit our office!

JZC350 electric concrete mixer for sale

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JZC500 electric cement mixer

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Item Charging Capacity (L) Discharging Capacity (L) Productivity (m3/h) Aggregate Size (cobble/gravel) (mm) Overall Dimension (LxWxH) (mm) Overall Weight (kg)
JZC350 560 350 10/14 60 4010X2140X3340 1610
JZC350B 560 350 10/14 60 4310X2140X4180 1610
JZC500 800 500 18-20 60 5230X2300X5450 3200

Consider the electric concrete mixer machine price according to its models and your budget. As we all know, you get what you pay off. You can’t pick up the small electric cement mixer just depending on the price. You need to pay more attention the quality of small electric concrete mixer. The reason is that if you purchase an electric motor concrete mixer at a lower price, you will spend more money on its maintenance.

Besides the quality and price of electric concrete mixer machine, the after-sale service is also crucial for customers. Reliable manufacturer can provide you with considerate service. When you meet with any difficulty, you can ask him for help.

JZC500 concrete mixer with electric motor
JZC500 cement mixer

JZC series electric mixer
JZC500 mixer machine
JZC500 electirc mixer machine
deliver JZC500 to Cebu

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How to use electric concrete mixer?

Right use of electric concrete mixer for sale is important for increasing its service life. Before you use our electric motor for concrete mixer, our engineers will teach you how to correctly operate the machine and something you should notice.

JZM350 electric concrete mixer for sale
Item JZM350
Charging Capacity (L) 560
Discharging Capacity (L) 350
Productivity (m3/h) 10~14
Aggregate Size (cobble/gravel) (mm) 60
Overall Dimension (LxWxH) (mm) 4310X2140X4240
Overall Weight (kg) 3200

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Before you operate the electric concrete pan mixer, you should check its condition: check whether the wire rope and the clip of electric cement concrete mixer is firm and reliable; Check regularly whether the lubricating oil is sufficient. When the lubricating oil is insufficient, it should be added in time. What’s more, When adding lubricating oil, it is forbidden to approach naked fire, so as to avoid fire; Check whether there is any foreign matter in the mixing cylinder; The electric cement and concrete mixer needs to run idle to check the rotation direction of the stirring blade.

Only after each device has been checked and confirmed to be correct, you can use the electric concrete mixer motor.

Philippines Salesman Team - Aimix

Regular cleanness is important

There are useful tips for your reference.

1. After the electric concrete mixer drum stops working, pour water and gravel into the mixing drum for 10-15 minutes to clean, and then remove the water and gravel. If the operator needs to enter the mixing cylinder for cleaning, it shall not only cut off the power supply and remove the fuse, but also lock the switch box.

2. Do not use a hammer to eradicate the accumulation of concrete in the concrete mixer barrel. It can only be removed with a chisel.

3. When using the concrete mixer with electric motor in winter, it is necessary to clean the cylinder of concrete mixer with water after finishing the work. And then put the water in the water pump, water tank and water pipe to avoid freezing damage of water pump, water tank and water pipe.

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