AS Series Self-loading Mixer Truck Combination with Trailer Concrete Pump

Self Loading Concrete Mixer For Sale

Self loading concrete mixer for sale Philippines has a variety of functions, like feeding, mixing, and discharging concrete mixture by itself. It can produce and transport concrete at the same time. Therefore, it can be applicable for various kinds of rural and urban construction items. Aimix self loading mixers have been exported to the Philippines market in these cities, such as Manila, Batangas, Bataan, Davao, Cebu, Zamboanga, Baguio, Naga…… You can check some self loading mixer cases in the Philippines below.

Aimix Self Loading Mixers In Different Philippines Cities

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Different Models Self Loading Concrete Mixers for Sale In The Philippines

To meet customers’ construction requirements, Aimix has produced several models of mobile self-loading concrete mixers. Standard models include AS-1.2, AS-1.8, AS-2.6, AS-3.5, AS-4.0, AS-5.5, and AS-6.5. Accordingly, the capacities are 1.2m3, 1.8m3, 2.6m3, 3.5m3, 4.0m3, 5.5m3, and 6.5m3. If you need specially designed for your construction projects, we also can do it. The brand of self loading cement mixer with diesel engine components can be customized. Therefore, a lot of customers in the Philippines would like to buy self loading mixers from us! We can provide satisfied equipment for clients. Any interest, you can contact our sales for further communications!

Mini Self Loading Concrete Mixer – AS-1.2 ~ AS-4.0


AS-1.2Discharge Capacity: 1.2(m3/batch)

  • Mixer Drum Capacity: 1700L
  • Drum Speed:13 r/min
  • Max. Gradeability: 30%
  • Engine Power: 55kw
  • Water Tank: 400L
AS-1.2 Technical Parameters

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AS-1.8Discharge Capacity: 1.8(m3/batch)

  • Mixer Drum Capacity: 2680L
  • Drum Speed:13 r/min
  • Max. Gradeability: 30%
  • Engine Power: 78kw
  • Water Tank: 400L
AS-1.8 Technical Parameters

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AS-3.5Discharge Capacity: 3.5(m3/batch)

  • Mixer Drum Capacity: 4740L
  • Drum Speed:13 r/min
  • Max. Gradeability: 30%
  • Engine Power: 91kw
  • Water Tank: 620L
AS-3.5C Technical Parameters

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AS-4.0Discharge Capacity: 4.0(m3/batch)

  • Mixer Drum Capacity: 6000L
  • Drum Speed:17 r/min
  • Max. Gradeability: 30%
  • Engine Power: 91kw
  • Water Tank: 920L
AS-4.0 Technical Parameters

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Large Self Loading Mixture – AS-5.5 and AS-6.5


AS-5.5Discharge Capacity: 5.5(m3/batch)

  • Mixer Drum Capacity: 7800L
  • Drum Speed:20 r/min
  • Max. Gradeability: 30%
  • Engine Power: 92kw
  • Water Tank: 840L
AS-5.5 Technical Parameters

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AS-6.5Discharge Capacity: 6.5(m3/batch)

  • Mixer Drum Capacity: 9000L
  • Drum Speed:16.5 r/min
  • Max. Gradeability: 30%
  • Engine Power: 92kw
  • Water Tank: 1465L
AS-6.5 Technical Parameters

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Newly Designed Self Loading Pan Mixer

Nowadays, self loading pan mixer is also popular in the market. Many customers have inquired about this self loading transit mixer. To be honest, it has the same function as self loading concrete mixer truck. The main difference exists in the type of concrete mixer. Self mixing concrete truck adopts concrete mixer drum, while self loading pan mixer uses concrete pan mixer. Therefore, it has a smaller capacity than the ordinary one. Aimix has produced AS-1.6 self loading pan mixer for clients. If you also need this kind of loader concrete mixer small size, contact us directly!

Self Loading Pan Mixer
Self Loading Pan Mixer

Combination of Self Loading Concrete Mixer with Pump

Self loading concrete mixer with pump is the combination of self loading concrete mixer machine and concrete pump. Aimix has launched the combination for a while. It has won a lot of customers’ favorite. Because it can be applied for various kinds of construction projects, like houses, buildings, harbors, roads, foundations, etc. After the concrete mixture is blended by self loading mixer truck, it can be discharged into the hopper of concrete pump machine. Then the concrete will be transported to where it is needed through pipelines. Customers who invest in these two machines in the same company – Aimix Group can get some discounts. To some degree, buying Aimix self loading mixer with pump can save clients’ budgets.

Self Loading Concrete Mixer With Pump in Aimix
Self Loader Mixer and Concrete Pump in The Philippines
Self Loading Mixer and Concrete Pump in The Philippines

Characteristics Of Self-loading Concrete Mixer

1. It has integrated several functions into one, including self loading, batching, weighing, mixing, discharging, and transporting. The self loading concrete truck mixer can produce and transport concrete at the same time. Therefore, it is convenient to move from one site to another.

2. The mixer drum of the self loading concrete mixers can rotate at 270 degrees. Thus, there is a broad scale to pour concrete on the worksite anywhere that needs concrete, especially in rugged mountain areas.

Main Advantages and Characteristics of Self-loading Concrete Mixer

3. Aimix self loading concrete mixer has a metering system to weigh the concrete mixture in one batch accurately.

4. Core components, like hydraulic pump and mortars, are imported from foreign famous brands to ensure their long service life.

5. Stable climbing ability. The self batching concrete truck can crawl smoothly in the mountains. There are 4 driving steel and hydraulic transmission device adopted to self loading mobile concrete mixer, which makes concrete mixer loader perfectly adapt to all kinds of complex terrain, climbing 30-degree slopes when full load. Besides, the special design and advanced technology application on chassis can prevent self concrete mixer from rolling over.

Why Invest In Aimix Self Loader Concrete Mixer?

  • 1. Save labor, time, and cost. The self loading mixer concrete just needs one person to operate on-site. Compared with an ordinary portable concrete mixer, it can save at least 5~6 labors.
  • 2. Quality insurance. Aimix, as one of the reliable self loading concrete mixer suppliers located in China, has gained CE and ISO certificates to guarantee the quality of machines.
  • 3. Quick return. In general, customers begin to get returns within six months after investing in a concrete self loader for construction.
  • 4. Best service. We promise to provide considerate service for Philippines, incluidng pre-sale, on-sale and after-sale service.

Wide Applications Of Self-Loading Concrete Mixer

With the constant expansion of construction industry, there are lots of small scales projects demanding small-capacity concrete equipment, like building maintenance and municipal engineering projects. Self loading mobile concrete mixer can reduce the labor force and increase production progress. Moreover, due to its compact structure and strong movement ability, self loading mixer machine also can use in the construction projects of mine tunnels. To sum up, it is particularly used in areas that have narrow space, permitted height, lack manpower, electricity, and water. Self propelled concrete mixer can satisfy construction requirements in rural construction, highway construction, water conservancy, bridge, and tunnel construction, etc.

Aimix Self-Loading Mixers For Different Construction Projects In Different Countries

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Selling Points of Self Loading Transit Concrete Mixer

1. Self Loading

Self loading mixer for sale has taken place of the traditional loading method and saves an amount of cost of purchasing a wheel loader. It has a unique hinged hydraulic spatula of self loading mixer truck that can easily and accurately load ingredients. The built-in blade of the bucket can automatically cut the cement bag to avoid material waste. All the ingredients can be smoothly and quickly into the mixing drum from the bucket.

2. Self Mixing

When the aggregate and cement enter the stirring tube, they can be perfectly mixed through the automatically pressurized water in both buckets. A unique twin-screw blade ensures mixing quality and concrete quality. If the customer has a requirement that self concrete mixer machine can be installed an electronic weighing system. In addition, there is one minute needed for the complete mixing of one bucket material. The self contained concrete mixer truck can do a mixing job anytime. It can stir materials and finish the stir job when driving on the way of discharging the worksite.

Self Loading Function
Self Loading
Self Mixing Function
Self Mixing
Self Discharging Function
Self Discharging
Electric Control In The Cab
Electric Control In The Cab

3. Self Discharging

Self loading concrete mixer for sale has flexible movement ability. It can move anytime when discharging concrete. Moreover, self loading mobile concrete mixture has an auxiliary holder, at the same time, the mixing drum could rise and be full. It has an easy method of discharging, which one operation handle can control the discharging job.

4. Electric Control In the Cab

The whole working process can be controlled in the cab. The concrete mixer truck self loading has a fully equipped cab, equipped with a functional operating handle and buttons; the operator can control all major operation movements through a handle. Besides, the rough terrain concrete mixer is equipped with an air conditioner that could satisfy high-temperature work. It has equipped with an anti-roll and anti-fall protection system so as to increase safe protection in poor working conditions.

Self Loading Mixer Systems

Working Video of Self Loading Concrete Machine

Based on the above description of the working process, it is better to watch the self loading concrete mixer video to know how it works and how to handle self loading concrete mixer for sale.

Best Self Loading Concrete Mixer Price in Aimix

The self loading concrete mixer truck prices are diverse among various manufacturers in the market. Many customers must be anxious about choosing an ideal one at the best self loading mobile concrete mixer price. However, the self loading mixer price is affected by different factors, such as size, capacity, core component, raw material, shipping cost…… Well, Aimix can provide best self loading transit mixer price for customers because compared with other suppliers, we have our own factory in China. Therefore, our prices are more competitive in the market. Contact us for the latest prices right now!

Self Loading Concrete Mixer For Sale
Self Loading Mixer For Sale
self loading mixer machine
self loading concrete mixer machine

About Aimix Group

Aimix, one of the professional and reputable self loading concrete mixer manufacturers in China, has engaged in manufacturing for more than 30 years. We are one of the largest and earliest self loading concrete mixer suppliers in China. We have more than 1000 square factory and 500 senior engineers, 600 service staff.

We have designed many types of universal self loading concrete mixers that complied with the real demand of the market. Since manufacturing, Aimix has exported over 500 sets of self mixers all over the world, covering countries like the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, UK, Australia, USA, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Chile, Peru, etc.

Aimix Branch Office

To offer the best service for global customers, we have built 6 overseas offices in the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, and Russia. Thus, you needn’t worry about Aimix service, we can serve you at the nearest place.

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