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Crusher Plant For Sale

Crusher plant for sale is mainly used for crushing coarse materials or disposing of the construction waste, thereby producing sand, aggregate, and other kinds of fine materials. Crusher plant can meet the processing requirements of river pebble, cobblestone, granite, marble, basalt, slate, quartzite, construction waste, limestone, and other hard or soft rocks.

Next, let’s focus on the different application fields of the crushing plant and see how it plays a role in your business fields.

Crawler-type Crusher Plants
Crawler-type Crusher Plants

Crusher Plants Can Serve Your Different Business Needs

Crushing plant for sale has a wide application on mining, smelting, building materials, highways, railways, water conservancy, chemical industries, and other industries. And its uses include but aren’t limited to the following aspects:

Construction Aggregate Processing

Customers from construction companies may need a crusher plant to process coarse rocks and produce construction aggregate with different particle sizes, such as 5-10mm, 10-20mm, and 20-30mm, for their building and other infrastructure construction, road construction, railway construcction, flood control project, etc.

Crushed stone
crushed aggregate

Construction aggregate is the most important materials to produce concrete, asphalt mixture, and bricks.

Besides, the construction aggregate is also one of the important elements for roads, driveways, pathways construction, and river flood control project as a base material.

aggregate can produce concrete
Produce Concrete
aggregate can produce asphalt
Produce Asphalt
aggregate for road paving construction
Base Materials for Road
aggregate can produce bricks
Produce Bricks

Ore Processing

The ore extracted from a mine usually consists of large chunks of rock and ore. Crushing plants are used to break these raw ores into smaller particles for subsequent processing and extraction of useful minerals. By means of the mining crusher plant, customers can reduce the size and weight of the ore, which can make it easier to transport and handle.

The use of mining crushing plants can improve the smelting efficiency and reduce energy consumption and costs thereby bring you more profit.

Construction Waste Processing

On the construction sites, especially the old buildings demolishing sites, the crushing plants can help you process construction waste such as concrete, bricks, tiles, etc., and turn them into recycled materials like crushed concrete and asphalt.

crusher plant working for processing construction waste (1)
crusher plant crushing construction waste to aggregate

What You Can Use with Those Recycled Materials?

The recycled concrete or recycled asphalt has wide applications.

  1. It can be used in the production of concrete, asphalt mixtures, mortar, and other construction materials
  2. And it can be used as a base material for roads, driveways, pathways, and other foundations.

The crushing plant philippines contributes to the efficient use of resources, the reduction of waste, and the protection of the environment.

Sand Making

Crusher plant plays a key role in the sand making process: they convert raw hard materials such as ore or rock through crushing, screening and washing into suitable sand materials for construction, concrete, road construction and other useage.

150TPH crusher plant and sand making machine
150TPH crusher plant and sand making machine

Crusher plant plays a such important role in so many application fields and can bring you a lot of income. We will show all the types of crusher plants for sale in Aimix Group in case you plan to buy a screen crusher plant for your businesses.

Types Of Crusher Plants You Can Buy In Aimix Group

Aimix manufactures serveral types of crushing and screening plants for sale, including stationary-type, mobile jaw-type, mobile cone-type, mobile impact-type, and mobile compound-type.

They have different specifications, capacities, advantages, corresponding applicable fields, and prices. The following details will help you make a decision about which kind of crusher plant to buy.

Stationary Crusher Plant

A stationary crusher plant is a crushing equipment that is established and installed at a fixed location. They are not easily affected by environmental conditions and are suitable for long-term operation.

quarry crusher plant machinery

Main Components of Stationary Crushing and Screening Plants and Their Roles

Its components may contain a raw materials feeder, a primary crusher, a secondary crusher, a tertiary crusher, a vibrating screen machine, and some belt conveyors.

  • Vibrating Feeder Machine: The vibrating feeder is responsible for evenly transporting raw materials, such as rocks, ores or construction waste, to the primary crusher.

    vibrating feeder machines

  • Primary Crusher Machine: A primary crusher is primarily used to break bulky raw materials such as rocks, ores or construction waste into smaller particle sizes. In Aimix Group, we can help you to pick out the most suitable primary crusher according to the types, hardness, and size of your raw material.

    For example, we will equip a jaw crusher for your stationary crushing plant if your raw materials belong to the hard rocks, such as pebble, granite and basalt. The maximum feeding size of a jaw crusher can reach 600mm.

    Moreover, we will choose an impact crusher if you raw materials belong to the soft rocks, such as limestone.

    jaw crusher stone

  • Second and Tertiary Crushers: About the second crusher or tertiary crusher, they are the additional crushers if you need to further process the materials. After primary crushing, the raw material may still have an uneven particle distribution or contain large chunks.

    Considering that you may use our stationary crushing plant for sale to produce construction aggregates for your production of concrete and road paving construction, and these applications have strict requirements on particle size and uniformity. Therefore, we will add the secondary and tertiary crushers to further refine the particle size of stones, ensuring that the final produced aggregate has a consistent particle size and shape.

    APC-200C compound cone crusher
  • For example, we usually apply the cone crusher or impact crusher as the second or tertiary crushers. Cone crushers are generally capable of producing angular and polyhedral particles, and these particle shapes are in some cases more favorable to the properties of the material. However, the impact crushers usually have an adjustable discharge port, which can control the particle size according to your needs. In general, Aimix always uses the most suitable crusher machine to meet your needs of different applications.

    impact crusher
  • Vibrating Screen Machine: The vibrating screen machine is mainly used to separate the granular materials according to different sizes and shapes. Next, the materials with different sizes will be transported to the finished product silos or the secondary or tertiary crushers for further processing by the belt conveyors.

    vibrating screen machines sale in Aimix

Generally, the crushing process can be divided into three stages, coarse crushing, medium crushing, and fine crushing. Different stages need to use different crusher machine. In the stage of coarse crushing, you can use a jaw crusher or gyratory crusher; in the stage of medium crushing, you can choose a gyratory crusher or cone crusher; in the stage of fine crushing, you can consider the cone crusher or impact crusher.

300 tph crusher plant
300 tph crusher plant

How Crusher Plant Works?

A plant crusher machine is mainly used for breaking large rocks and stones into smaller pieces or aggregates through a series of crushing stages.

  • Feeding Process: You can use a front-end wheel loader or an excavator to feed the raw materials to the feeder machine. Then, the feeder machine will vibrate and convey the raw materials to the primary crusher.
  • Primary Crushing Process: The primary crushing stage involves the initial breaking down of the raw material into smaller, more manageable pieces. This is typically done by a primary crusher, such as a jaw crusher or an impact crusher.
  • Conveying Process: Next, the crushed rocks will be divided into two types, one kind of fine rock with suitable particle size will be conveyed to the finished product silo, and another one kind that needs the secondary crushing will be conveyed to the secondary crusher.
  • Secondary Crushing Process: If you require further reduction in size, the crushed material from the primary crusher may be sent to a secondary crusher. Secondary crushers, such as cone crushers or impact crushers, further refine the material by applying compression or impact forces. This helps you to achieve the desired size and shape of the final product.
  • Screening Process: After the material has been crushed to the desired size, it may undergo screening to separate it into different grades or sizes. The screens allow the smaller, correctly sized material to pass through while rejecting oversize particles, which are sent back to the crusher for further crushing.
  • Final Product Storing and Transporting: Once the material has been crushed and screened to the desired size, they are ready for you to sell them as the sand or gravel aggregates and wait for the construction contractors to buy. Now you can store them or transport them to the construction sites.

To sum up, the working principle of the crusher plant for sale is simple, which usually includes three steps.

  • The first step is feeding materials. Different materials are transported to the crusher machine by vibrating feeder.
  • Then the jaw crusher machine will perform coarse crushing and the impact crusher machine will perform fine crushing. During two stages of crushing, the original material will be broken into different sizes of finished products.
  • Finally, these finished products are classified according to their size by vibrating screen. At that time, you can get different sizes of sand and gravel aggregates for your project.

crusher plant working

Aimix Can Supply Customized Solutions If You Need Stationary Crusher Plants

  • Aimix Group can give you an unique crushing plant design in line with your types of raw materials, feeding sizes, requirements of finished product, and applications. For instance, the core parts of the stationary crusher plant philippines are alterable. So, we can add some secondary or tertiary crusher machines if you need fine rocks with smaller particle size.
  • Meantime, the stationary crusher plant layout can be specifically designed according to your site area and terrain conditions.

As one of the crusher plant manufacturers in the Philippines, Aimix has designed several sets of stationary crusher plants for our customers for different applications. Here, we display some cases for your reference.

60tph jaw crusher plant for river stone
  • Raw Materials: River Stone
  • Crushing Capacity: 60~80TPH
  • Applications: Production of construction aggregates
  • Core Parts: APG-0724Z Vibrating Feeding Machine, APJ-4060E Jaw Crusher(primary crusher, APC-900Y Cone Crusher(secondary crusher), and APS-1548Y3 Vibrating Screen Machine

150tph crushing plant for Basalt
150tph Crusher Plant for Basalt Crushing

  • Raw Materials: Basalt
  • Max feed size:<500mm
  • Final Products: 0-38mm
  • Applications: Production of construction aggregates
  • Main Parts: APG-3895W Feeder, APJ-6090E Jaw Crusher(primary crusher), APC-132C-M Compound Cone Crusher(secondary crusher), APC-132C-F Cone Crusher(tertiary crusher), APS-2160Y4 vibrating screen.
  • Reason for this configuration: Our customers demand to crush basalt and produce sand and gravel aggregates in four particle sizes. Hence, our engineers add a tertiary cone crusher to improve the output of the fine sand and gravel.

50tph impact crusher plant for construction waste
  • Raw Materials: Construction Waste Stone
  • Max Feed size:<250mm
  • Final Products: 0-10mm, 20-30mm
  • Applications: Production of construction aggregates
  • Crushing Capacity: 50TPH
  • Core Parts: GZT-0724 Vibrating Feeder, PF1010 Impact Crusher(primary crusher), 3YK1548 Vibrating Screen

After checking all the above mentioned crushing plant and equipment, you can contact us now and tell us what materials you want to crush, and how much capacities you need per day. Then, we can design a customized crushing plant in the philippines on the basis of your actual need.

Besides, for better helping you choose a right crushing plant, we show the price range here so that you can choose according to your own budget. And our stationary crusher plant price is from 35,000USD. The crushing plant price will differ due to many reasons, such as the quantities of the parts, types of configuration, and so on.

60tph crusher plant
60tph Crusher Plant for Processing Mountain Rocks

As a reliable crusher plant companies in the Philippines, Aimix not only supply stationary-type crusher plant machine but also mobile-type crushing screening plant to meet your wide range of requirements. In the below part, you will find several kinds of mobile-type crusher plants for sale.

Mobile-type Crusher Plants

Mobile-type crushing plant for sale has a movable chassis so as to be easily transferred along with the change of your construction sites. Its movable performance greatly reduces your cost for material transportation and infrastructure construction.

200tph crusher plant for sale Philippines
200TPH Mobile-type Crusher Plant

If you need to transport the machine frequently, then mobile crushing plant is a good choice for you. Go on reading to find detailed specifications of several types of mobile-type crusher plants for sale.

Mobile Jaw-type Crusher Plant

Mobile jaw-type crushing plant equipment uses a jaw crusher as its main crusher machine, and is suitable for crushing most of hard rocks and soft rocks, including river stone, pebble, cobble, granite, iron ore, basalt, quartzite, limestone, and so on.

jaw crusher processing plant

Aimix has APY2-J series mobile jaw-type crushing plants for sale. It can undertake coarse materials with the maximum feed sizes of 425~650mm, and has the production capacities of 45~400TPH. According to different crushing capacities, there are APY2-57J, APY2-69J, APY2-750J, and APY2-110J for sale. And their prices range from 50,000USD.

Mobile Cone-type Crusher Plant

Mobile cone-type plant crusher applies a cone crusher as its primary crusher machine. It suits for crushing soft rock materials, such as limestone.

cone crusher plant mobile

The main models conclude APY2-1010F, APY2-1210F, APY2-1214F, APY2-110C, APY2-160C, and APY2-200C. Their crushing capacities are from 50TPH to 420TPH, and their maximum feed sizes are between 160~300mm. And the mobile cone-type crusher plant price ranges from 70,000 USD.

Mobile Impact-type Crusher Plant

The mobile impact-type crusher plant uses an impact crusher machine as its primary crusher. It is usually used for crushing the construction waste materials for the purpose of producing recycled construction aggregates. In the Philippines, mobile impact crusher is popular for construction waste recycling business.

mobile impact crusher plant Philippines

In Aimix Group, we supplies APY3-1010F, APY3-1210F, APY3-1214F, and APY3-1315F for sale. For those models, their crushing capacities are from 70TPH to 500TPH, and their prices are from 80,000 USD.

Mobile Compound-type Crusher Plant

A mobile compound-type crusher plant, also called mobile jaw and cone-type crusher plant, contains the primary crusher(jaw crusher) and the secondary crusher(cone crusher) in one unit. By means of the secondary crushing process, you can get finer stone materials by this type of mobile-type stone crusher plant.

comprehensive crusher plant for sale

Models: APY4-4660S, APY4-4690S, APY4-57110S, and APY4-6912S. Crushing capacities: 16TPH~160TPH. Price: from 100,000 USD.

Here, we will display some cases of this type of screening and crushing plants.

30tph mobile jaw and cone crusher plant
  • Raw Material: Mountain Rock
  • Application: Producing construction aggregate for making concrete
  • Main Components: feeder, jaw crusher, cone crusher, vibrating screen machine.
  • ROI: 1 year revenue exceeds 3 million dollars

50tph mobile jaw and cone crusher plant
  • Raw Material: Cobblestone
  • Application: Producing aggregate for road paving construction
  • Main Components: feeding equipment, jaw crusher, cone crusher, vibrating screen equipment.
  • ROI: half a year revenue earns the crusher plant cost back

To sum up, Aimix Group has so many different types of crusher plant for sale philippines, and we believe you can find one suitable type for your own stone crushing business from us. Apart from this, Aimix has earned a lot of priase from our customers depending on our one-on-one services in the Philippines. Go on to check what service support you can get from us.

How Can Aimix Support Your Business in the Philippines?

sales team of Aimix Group
Professional Sales Team in Manila

Our office locates in Manila, and our sales team is on call 24h a day to provide customized services for your unique crushing needs.

aimix group after-sale service team in Philippines
Local Installation Teams

Aimix Group has several local partners in Manila, Cebu, Davao City, Makati, Bacolod, Quezon City, etc. They can supply with timely installation services, training services, and maintenance services.

crushing plant in stock in Philippines
Equipment in Stock in Agents’ Warehouses

Aimix has developed a lot of agents in several cities of the Philippines. The can not only offer crusher plants, concrete pumps, self-loading mixers, and other construction machines in stock, but also offer spare parts in case you need them.

crusher machine plant price

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