Feedback of AS-3.5 Self Loading Mixer and ABT40C Concrete Pump from Indonesian Customer

The customer from Pekanbaru, Indonesia purchased our ABT40C concrete pump equipment for the first time. After the machine was put into production, he said that the pump worked very well, it’s fully functioning in their project. It also minimized investment costs and labor costs. Then the customer contacted us to purchase a 3.5 square self-loading concrete mixer which was used to mix and transport the concrete with this concrete pump. I believe these two pieces of equipment will increase the return on investment for customers in the future.

3 5B Self loading concrete mixer truck Working Video in Pekanbaru, Indonesia

Chat history with Pekanbaru, Indonesia Customer

Chat history with Pekanbaru, Indonesia Customer

AS-3.5 self-loading concrete mixer and ABT40C pump working video in construction site:

It can be seen from the video that the self-loading mixer truck first mixes the concrete and then directly transports it to the construction site through the trailer concrete pump. The perfect combination of the two machines can be applied to some small construction projects, such as residential construction, road construction, bridge construction, etc.

3 5B Self loading concrete mixer Working in Pekanbaru, Indonesia
ABT40C concrete pump Working in Pekanbaru, Indonesia

Let’s introduce the advantages of our self-loading truck and tow pump working together:

1, The self-loading concrete mixer can be used as a small mobile batching plant, which integrates automatic feeding, metering, mixing, and transportation. It can be used not only to mix concrete but also to move between various construction sites. In the process of moving, the concrete can be continuously stirred to ensure the fluidity of the concrete, and avoid drying and hardening of the concrete, affecting the use.

2, ABT series concrete pump mainly carries the function of conveying concrete. Combined with self-loading, it can directly deliver the mixed concrete to any location on the construction site, with strong adaptability. It can also be widely used in some areas with complex terrain.

3, The self-loading mixer truck combined with the concrete delivery pump greatly saves labor and material costs. The efficiency of the construction is improved, and safety is significantly improved.

According to past cases, our self-loading trucks and concrete pumps can be used independently, whether you are for self-use or as investment projects. And we have professional after-sales service personnel, no need to worry about after-sales problems. If you want to buy our equipment, please send us your detailed requirements:

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