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Mobile Crushing Plant For Sale

Mobile crushing plant for sale in Aimix Group has a small group of types, including jaw-type mobile crushing plant, cone-type mobile crushing and screening plant, impact-type mobile crusher plant, compound-type portable crusher plant, and crawler-type crusher mobile plant. Every single one of the mobile crusher plants for sale in Aimix Philippines can efficiently crush various materials, including rocks, pebbles, granite, and demolition waste, to produce high-quality aggregates for construction and road building projects. Go on checking their specifications and capacities.

VPE mobile jaw crusher plant

Primary Crushing – Jaw-type Mobile Crusher Plant

Complete unit | Easy to move | Adjustable granularity | Flexible

Feeding Size
Feeding Size:≤750mm
Finished Products
Finished Products Size:15~165mm

Coarse Stone
Coarse Stone
Middle Size Stone
Middle Size Stone
Fine Stone
Fine Stone

What is Jaw-type Mobile Crushing Plant?

A jaw-type mobile crushing plant refers to a mini mobile crusher plant that incorporates a primary jaw crusher as its main crushing unit. It is designed to break down large rocks or ores into smaller pieces, allowing for easier handling and transportation.

  • The jaw-type mobile crusher plant for sale expands the concept of coarse crushing. The core device of the jaw-type portable crushing plant is mainly a vibrating screen, APJ jaw crusher, and moving car body. APJ series jaw crushers belong to the new generation of jaw crushers, and its indicators such as equipment structure, functions, and production efficiency are all at the industry-leading level.
  • Its introduction eliminates the cumbersome steel frame structure and foundation construction during crushing, saving a lot of time. Suitable for various complex terrain conditions. The structure of the mobile car body is stronger and the operation is more stable.
  • In addition, in terms of maintenance, the jaw-type portable crushing plant for sale uses a new centralized lubrication system and is equipped with a unified maintenance toolbox, so the maintenance is more convenient in the future, the cost performance is higher than other products. In a word, this jaw-type portable crushing and screening plants is a widely used product whether it is a crushing and screening production line or sand making production line.

Mobile jaw crushing plants
Mobile jaw crusher
Mobile jaw crusher plant
Applicable Material

【Applicable Material】

Construction waste, Limestone, granite, marble, basalt, river pebble, cobblestone, iron ore, shale, lapis lazuli, coal,etc

Applicable Fields

【Applicable Fields】

A jaw-type mobile crusher plant is mainly used for coal mines, highways, railways, airport runways, garbage and construction waste recycling, hydropower projects, urban infrastructure metallurgy, chemical industry, mining, and other projects. It is a reliable and efficient solution for various applications, including quarrying, mining, and recycling.

Working Principle


Product Structure

Mobile jaw crusher plant Structure

The raw material enters the cavity and falls on the high-speed rotating movable hammerhead. After the impact is received between the hammer and the impact plate, the first crushing is performed in the hammering area.

After repeated high-frequency hammering and counterattack, the material falls on the intermediate partition plate, forming accumulation, slipping, falling on the throwing plate of the lower rotor rotating at high speed, and being thrown on the counterattack plate at a high speed to collide and fall.

The raw material is counter-attacked by a movable plate hammer, crushed and ground. Because the raw materials have undergone multiple complex crushing, refining, and grinding during the descending process, and finally achieved the fine crushing effect.

Features & Advantages

Low Transportation Cost
Simple, reasonable and compact structure

Small size, light weight, easy to replace
Simple operation and convenient maintenance

Suitable for all kinds of terrain
Flexible configuration and can be used alone

Jaw-type Mobile Crushing Plant Specifications

Feeder modelAPG-3090WAPG-3896WAPG-4211WAPG-4211W
Crusher modelAPJ-5075EAPJ-6090EAPJ-7510EAPJ-110V
Maximum feed size(mm)425500630650
Silo volume(m3)45.377
Iron separator model(optional)RCYD(C)-6.5RCYD(C)-6.5RCYD(C)-8RCYD(C)-12
Tire configurationParallel double shaftParallel double shaftParallel three shaftsParallel three shafts
Main belt conveyor modelB650×8.5mB800×8.5mB1000×10mB1000×10m
Side out belt conveyor model(optional)B500×4mB500×4mB650×5mB650×5m
Generator power(Kw)(optional)120160200250
Production capacity(t/h)45-10060-160110-320250-400
Transport Length(mm)12500127501327013200
Transport width(mm)2600260028503000
Transport height(mm)3950395042004400
Cone Mobile Crusher For Sale

Cone-type Mobile Crusher Plant

Secondary crushing | Mini Size | Integrated crushing and screening

Feeding Size
Feeding Size:≤400mm
Finished Products
Finished Products Size:18~40mm

Coarse Stone
Coarse Stone
Middle Size Stone
Middle Size Stone
Fine Stone
Fine Stone

What is A Cone-type Mobile Crushing Plant

This cone-type small mobile crusher plant integrates screening and crushing, eliminating. Eliminates the impact on construction caused by factors such as broken ground and broken environment, it is an efficient, low-cost crusher plant.

50T mobile crusher plant on construction site
Mobile cone crusher plant
Mobile cone crusher plant works in the Philippines
Applicable Material Cone Crusher

【Applicable Material】

River pebbles, the artificial sand making of rocks (limestone, granite, basalt, diabase, andesite, etc.), ore tailings, and stone chips.

Applicable Fields

【Applicable Fields】

Mainly used in road construction, airport runways, mines, hydropower projects, construction waste crushing and recycling, etc.

Working Principle


Product Structure

Working Principle of Cone Mobile Crusher

The main components of the cone-type mobile crusher plants are mainly composed of vibrating screen, belt conveyor, hydraulic cone crusher, etc. The mobile rock crusher Mainly used for secondary crushing, It can break rocks to smaller sizes, and have more efficient.

In addition, users can customize different configurations according to the size and hardness of the material. The price will constantly change according to the different needs of customers.

Features & Advantages

Unique design of conveyor, easy to install
Hydraulic lift mode, convenient operation

Good performance, for medium hardness stone crushing
Great mobility, can move at will

Cone-type Mobile Crusher Plants Specifications

Crusher modelAPF-1010APF-1210APF-1214APC-110CAPC-160CAPC-200C
Vibrating screen modelAPS-1548YAPS-1848YAPS-1860YAPS-1848YAPS-1860YAPS-2160Y
Maximum feed size (mm)250250300160200215
Tire configuration Parallel double shaftParallel double shaftParallel double shaftParallel double shaftParallel double shaftParallel double shaft
Feeding belt conveyor model(optional)B650B800B800B650B800B1000
Output belt conveyor model(optional)B500B650B650B500B650B650
Under-sieve belt conveyor modelB650B800B800B650B800B1000
Generator power(Kw)(optional)160200250240280320
Production capacity(t/h)50-9070-13090-18050-23080-390120-420
Transport width(mm)260028002900300030003000
Transport height(mm)395042004500440044004500
Impact Mobile Crusher

Impact-type Mobile Crusher Plant

Primary Crushing & Tertiary Crushing | For Medium-hard Crushing Materials

Feeding Size
Feeding Size:≤240mm
Finished Products
Finished Products Size:18~50mm

Coarse Stone
Coarse Stone
Middle Size Stone
Middle Size Stone
Fine Stone
Fine Stone

What is A Impact-type Mobile Crushing Plant?

APY3 series impact-type mobile crushing and screening plant is mainly used for secondary and tertiary crushing – high productivity; large crushing ratio; good particle size,; The model frame of mobile impact crusher is used as the carrying platform, and the main crusher machine can be easily upgraded and replaced.

Impact Mobile Crusher Plant in the Philippines
Impact Mobile Crusher Plant in the Philippines
VPM-4 Combined Mobile Crushing Plant

Combined-type Mobile Crushing Plant

VPM-4 series | Mobile type | Construction waste screening & crushing machine

Feeding Size
Feeding Size:≤500mm
Finished Products
Finished Products Size:18~50mm

Coarse Stone
Coarse Stone
Middle Size Stone
Middle Size Stone
Fine Stone
Fine Stone

What is A Compound-type Mobile Crushing Plant?

Combined-type mobile crushing plant is mainly made of a jaw crusher machine and a cone crusher machine, which is often used to treat waste materials such as construction waste. Thence, it can be used for fine crushing, including the primary crushing and the secondary crushing in one unit.

The raw materials are crushed, conveyed, processed, reprocessed, and other process equipment into one. According to the combing requirements of the waste materials, they are combined into a complete set of mobile crushing production lines through different equipment to meet the different crushing needs of customers.

50T Combined Mobile Crushing Plant
50T Combined Mobile Crushing Plant

Which Field You Will Apply the Mobile Crushing Plant

  • Construction: This kind of mobile crusher plants can crush construction waste, such as concrete, bricks, and demolition debris, into reusable materials for new construction projects.
  • Quarrying: The plant can process rocks and minerals extracted from quarries into aggregates used in road construction, concrete production, and other building applications.
  • Mining: Aimix mobile crushing plant can be used to crush river stones, ores and minerals, extracting valuable metals or minerals from the crushed material.
  • Recycling: The portable crusher plant for sale can handle recycling operations, crushing and processing recycled materials like concrete, asphalt, and other construction waste for reuse.
  • Infrastructure Projects: Mobile crushing plants are often employed on-site for infrastructure development projects, such as road construction, railway ballast production, and airport runway construction.

mobile crusher plant for sale 30TPH
  • Capacity: 30TPH
  • Main Components: feeder, jaw crusher, cone crusher, vibrating screen machine.
  • Crushing Materials: Mountain Stones
  • Use for: Quarring Industries

mobile crushing plant 50TPH
  • Output: 50TPH
  • Main Components: feeding equipment, jaw crusher, cone crusher, vibrating screen equipment.
  • Crushing Materials: Pebble
  • Applied for: Mining Industries in Manila

Working Principle

  • Take the treatment of construction waste as an example. The forklift of the combined mobile crushing equipment first shovels the construction waste to the vibrating feeder and transports it to the eddy current counterattack.
  • The belt conveyor at the time of discharging is equipped with an iron remover, which can remove iron such as steel bars. Substances, and then the remaining materials are transported to the vibrating screen by a belt conveyor for screening. The screening stage can screen unearthed soil and domestic garbage. And it can screen out 1-3 kinds of clean materials of size specifications, these materials can be used to make regenerated bricks, wall panels, floor tiles, etc.


1. The length is short and different crushing equipment is installed on separate movable chassis.

2. Because of its short wheelbase, and small turning radius, the mobile crushing plant for sale can be flexibly moved in the general highway and construction site.

3. Integrated unit design and compact layout greatly improve the flexibility of the construction site. Besides, it provides excellent crushing performance and versatility, making it a popular choice in the construction and mining industries.

4.The combined mobile crushing and screening plant for sale can process the material on-site without moving the material away from the site for processing, which greatly reduces the transportation cost of the material.

Combined-type Mobile Crushing Plant Specifications

Feeder modelAPG-3090WAPG-3090WAPG-3090WAPG-3896W
Primary crusher modelAPJ-4060EAPJ-4060EAPJ-5070EAPJ-6090E
Secondary crusher modelAPC-600YAPC-900YAPC-110CAPF-1214
Vibrating screen modelAPS-1237YAPS-1548YAPS-1848YAPS-1848Y
Tire configurationParallel three shaftsParallel three shaftsParallel three shaftsParallel three shafts
Return belt conveyor modelB500B650B800B1000
Feeder belt conveyor modelB500B650B00B1000
Under-sieve belt conveyor modelB650B800B1000B1200
Production capacity(t/h)16-4016-6550-10060-160
Transport (mm)15500165001650016500
Transport width(mm)2800285029502950
Transport height(mm)4200420042004200


Crawler Type Mobile Crushing Plant For Sale

Crawler type mobile crushing station is a high working efficiency stone crushing plant that can move by self-driven mode. It can reach any position of construction site no matter what there is any terrain condition. Its advantages are as follows:

Crawler Type Mobile Crushing Plant For Sale
Crawler Type Mobile Crushing Plant For Sale

crawler mobile plant
crawler mobile plant

crawler type crusher plant

Features & Working Principle of Crawler Type Mobile Crushing Plant

working principle of mobile crusher plant
1. Crawler mobile crushing and screening plant are light in weight and small in volume, Even if in the narrow field, it can work normally.

2. There is no damage on the road surface because of its crawler walking. Equipped with a multi-functional machine, crawler mobile crushing plant has wide application.

3. Crawler-type mobile crusher plant for sale adopts a double-layer screening machine structure and equipped with excellent mesh screening channels. It can stand freely without support.

4. Fuel economy of crawler mobile crushing plant for sale can be up to 25 percent, which not only saves your cost but also protect the environment.

5. Tracked-type portable crusher and screening plant can climb the slope to carry on the work, which can meet the crushing demand of mine, the hydropower station, the coal mine, and other projects.

Whether crawler mobile crushers and screening plants or tire-type mobile crusher plant sale, they all have their unique characteristics. After you learn the mobile crushing and screening plant for sale, you will find that its working principle is simple. As one of the raw materials, sand and gravel aggregate plays an important role on the construction industry. The quality of sand and gravel aggregate can not only affect the quality of concrete, but also the quality of the whole project. So choosing a high quality aggregate crushing plant is crucial.

Aimix mobile crusher plant in Tajikistan

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