AJ-35 Batching Plant, 5.0cub Mixer Truck, ABT40C Trailer Pump and 1.2cub Wheel Loader Working in Myanmar

Our customers from Myanmar purchased our four kinds of construction equipment including AJ-35 Batching plant, 3 sets 5.0cub concrete mixer trucks, ABT40C Trailer concrete pump, and a 1.2cub wheel loader at one time. This also fully reflects the customer with us has built enough trust.

AJ-35 Batching Plant, 5.0cub Mixer Truck Working in Myanmar
in Myanmar
in Myanmar

The construction project is mainly used for building construction and house foundation construction. First, our concrete batching plant is used to produce high-quality concrete, and then 3 tank concrete mixer trucks are used for transportation work, and the ABT40C concrete pump is used for long-distance delivery of concrete for foundation concrete pouring and the construction of houses. In order to facilitate the feeding of the batching plant, the customer also purchased a small wheel loader for basic aggregate loading. The perfect combination of various equipment at this construction site has greatly improved production efficiency and saved manpower. The following is some photo of the construction site, taken by our engineers in May 2020:

The working video in Myanmar construction site

AJ-35 Batching Plant -Hopper Type

The Theoretical Productivity of the AJ-35 Batching plant is 35 m³/h, with a js750 concrete mixer, 2 cement silos, and one batching machine. However, the specific configuration can be changed according to the customer’s powder and aggregate formula, such as Add a cement silo or batching silo. And it should be noted that the theoretical Productivity will be higher than the actual production capacity, which is mainly related to the particle size of the aggregate, the humidity of the powder and the mixing when you choosing specific Model, it must be combined with the actual situation of local raw materials. The Hopper Type batching plant has its own unique advantages, adopts modular design, a high degree of factorization, quick disassembly, saving land occupation, and low energy consumption. For projects with a certain footprint, this series of concrete plants are a good choice.

AJ-35 Batching Plant -Hopper Type in Myanmar
Model AJ-35
Theoretical Productivity (m³/h) 35
Mixer Discharging Volume (L) 750
Mixer Feeding Volume (L) 1200
Mixer Motor Power (kW) 30
Discharging Height (m) 4.1
Aggregate Material Quantity (m3) 5×3
Cycle Period (s) 72
Max. Aggregate Size (mm) 80/60
Cement Silo (t) (optional) 50×1
Aggregate Weighing Accuracy ±2%
Powder Material Weighing Accuracy ±1%
Water Weighing Accuracy ±1%
Additive Weighing Accuracy ±1%
Installation Power (kW) ≈75

ABT40C Trailer concrete pump

ABT40C series concrete pumps are mainly used to transport mortar and concrete and can be widely used in high-rise buildings, tunnels, bridges, railways, underground construction, etc. Its Max. theo. concrete output is 40/26L./H, Max. Theoretical Vertical and Horizontal Conveying Distance can reach 120/500m. This time the customer chose ABT40 diesel powered concrete pump, Without the need for stable electricity, relying on diesel as fuel can steadily deliver concrete to the final construction site.

ABT40C Trailer concrete pump in Myanmar
Items Units Perameters
whole  performance of machine Max. theo. concrete output(L./H) M3/h 40/26
Max.concrete pumping pressure(H./L.) MPa 10/7.6
Distribution valve type S  Valve
Concrete cylinder diameter×stroke mm Φ180×1200
Hopper capacity x feeding height L/mm 400/1100
Outlet diameter mm Φ150
Power system Diesel engine model Weifang Delier 6105ZB
Electrical engineering power KW 82
Rotate speed r/min 2100
Hydraulic system Circuit type Open circuit
Pumping system pressure MPa 32
Mixing system pressure MPa 6-8
Capacity of oil tank L 370

5.0cub concrete mixer truck and 1.2cub wheel loader

Concrete mixer trucks and loaders are auxiliary equipment. The mixer truck is mainly responsible for transporting concrete to the construction site. This project customer purchased 3 sets of mixer trucks to meet the needs of the project. The main loading function of the loader is responsible for adding different aggregates such as stones to the batching machine.

5.0cub concrete mixer truck in Myanmar
1.2cub wheel loader in Myanmar

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