40m3 Concrete Mixture Pump Is Ready for Shipping to Manila

It is my honor to tell you that another 40m3 concrete mixture pump is ready for shipping to Manila. One of our customers just made this order for AJBZ40C concrete mix and pump last month. Now, we have prepared the machine for shipping to the hand of our customers in Manila. Please go on checking the details of this case.

aimix concrete mixer pump for sale in the Philippines
cement mixer and pump 40m3 diesel type

Why Choose 40m3 Concrete Mixing Pump?

Our customers find our website from Google. He searches the concrete mixing pump on Google and then found Aimix Group. Our sales firstly ask what project our customer wants to use our mixer pump machine for and other questions. Now, I list the project details below.

  • Using Place: Manila, the Philippines
  • Application Fields: Private Three-storey Villa Construction
  • Using Purposes: Producing concrete and placing of concrete

After knowing all the details, our sales recommend ABJZ40C concrete mixing pump for our customers. ABJZ40C belongs to a diesel-powered concrete pump. It can both mix concrete and convey the finished concrete to the construction site. However, our customers are very satisfied with these two functions of our mixer pump machine. Therefore, our clients make this order in the end.

Testing and Packing Before Sipping to Manila

Our factory starts to manufacture the mixer hydraulic pump the moment our customers make the order. After about 15 days, the machine is well-made. Now, let me write down the preparation work before the shipping.

  • 1. Testing Work: Each part of the concrete pump with mixer machine will be tested by our engineers after it is well finished in the factory. Our engineers will test the buttons of the mixer pump to see if they are all right and can be commanded for the right operations. Next, our engineers will also test the hydraulic system to see if the pump can start to conveying work.
  • 2. Packing Work: As you can see from the below photos, our engineers have fixed the concrete mixer pump machine inside the container. Besides, all the parts and pipes are put into the container at the same time.

concrete mixer hydraulic pump 40m3 for sale

After all testing work and packing work are done, we will deliver the mixer concrete pump to the port waiting for the shipping to Manila. Contact us for more details about our machine or other questions.

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