How to Maintain A Stone Crusher Plant?

If you are running a set of stone crusher plant in the Philippines, then you should pay more attention to the daily maintenance for the stone crusher plant equipment. That is because regular maintenance plays a vital role in ensuring your smooth and efficient opeartion for your stone crusher screening plant. What is more, you should do the daily maintenance activities to help prevent breakdowns, extend the equipment’s lifespan, and maximize your productivity. Now, I will give you some tips on how to do the daily maintenance for your small stone crusher plants.

stone crusher batching plant 150TPH
150TPH Stone Crusher Plant Machine

We prepare about 3 tips for you. If you strictly follow these tips, I believe you can identify most potential issues during your using process for the stone crusher plants.

Check the Main Components

Check the Parts

Before going into operation, you should firstly check all the core components and make sure whether everything is normal, including feeding machines, jaw crusher, cone crusher, screening machines, belt conveyors, and so on. Secondly, what you need to do is to inspect the crusher’s wear parts, including the liners, jaws, and impact plates and find out whether there are any signs of damage or excessive wear among those parts.

Replace the Worn Parts

If you find the signs of damage, you should replace worn or damaged parts promptly to avoid further complications. Additionally, you should also ensure that all bolts and fasteners are properly tightened to prevent loosening during operation.

Do the Lubrication for All the Main Parts

Lubrication is vital for the smooth functioning of every parts in a stone crusher plant machine. For the reason that adequate lubrication can minimize friction and wear, and reduce the risk of equipment failure. You should regularly lubricate all moving parts such as bearings, pulleys, and conveyor belts. Besides, you can use the recommended lubricants and follow our guidelines for the correct application and frequency of lubrication.

vibrating equipment
Vibrating Equipment

jaw crusher machine
Jaw Crusher Machine

Check and Clean Screens and Conveyors

Routine Check

Screens and conveyors are essential components of a stone crusher batching plant. You need to check the screens for any buildup of material or blockages. In addition to that, you should use some appropriate methods to clean the screens, such as brushing or pressure washing, for the sake of ensuring proper screening efficiency.

Timely Replacement

You need to adjust or replace damaged belts to prevent costly breakdowns or accidents once you meet the signs of wear, tears, or misalignment of the conveyor belts.

belt conveyors in stone crusher plants
Belt Conveyors in Stone Crusher Plants

Clean and Maintain the Crusher Cavity

Inspect the Cavity

There are one point you should know is that maintaining a clean and debris-free crusher cavity is essential for optimal crushing performance. Please remember to regularly inspect the crusher cavity for any buildup of material, blockages, or obstructions for your crusher plant. And clear any debris or material buildup using some appropriate tools and methods, and following our safety guidelines in Aimix Group.

Get Rid of the Worn Parts

If the crusher’s liners is worn, please replace them as needed to maintain the desired crushing performance and protect the crusher from damage.

To sum up, you need to value these maintenance tips if you want to ensure optimal performance of the small stone crusher plant. Contact us if you have further questions during your usage for the stone crusher plant equipment in the Philippines. Aimix will always be here to help you.

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