Pumpcrete for Sale Philippines

Pumpcrete for sale Philippines is an efficient concrete pouring equipment. It is mainly used for concrete conveying work for high-rise building construction, overpass construction, bridge construction, and other large-scale construction projects. There are two pumpcrete types in Aimix Group, boom type pumpcrete and trailer-type pumpcrete for sale. Please go on reading to see the details of these two pumpcrete machines for sale Philippines.

pumpcrete boom type
Boom Type Pumpcrete 33Meters

pumpcrete trailer-type
ABT40C Trailer Type Pumpcrete

Boom Type Pumpcrete

Boom type pumpcrete is also called the pumpcrete truck. It has a long placing boom that can be bent and stretched to several meters. In Aimix Group, there are 26 meters, 30 meters, 33 meters, 38 meters, 47 meters, 50 meters, and 58 meters pumpcrete trucks for sale.


  • No Need to Assemble

    The pumpcrete boom type can be directly put into work on-site and you won’t need to assemble it at all. It is integrated concrete pump machine and can be easily delivered.

  • Precise Delivery for Liquid Concrete

    Pumpcrete equipment with boom can implement point-to-point delivery for the liquid concrete unloaded from a concrete mixer truck to the pouring point within a shorter time. What is more, you can flexibly change the pouring position.

  • Easily Transfer from Site to Site

    Truck mounted pumpcrete can be easily driven from one site to another site. It has a truck chassis and can be driven on the road like a normal car.

  • No Need to Lay Pipes

    You can stretch its placing boom and start the concrete pumping work the moment you set the concrete boom pump on your site. In other words, you won’t need to lay several meters of pipes in advance. Its placing boom will replace the stationary pipes to convey the liquid concrete. However, this way will definitely save you a lot of time to lay or shaft the pipes.

  • High Degree of Automation

    The boom-type mobile pumpcrete is equipped with a remote control system and can be easily controlled by 1 worker.


The boom-type portable pumpcrete is widely applied for high-rise building construction and large foundation construction. Here, I will attach some videos to show you how the pumpcrete works.

  • Model: 33m Pumpcrete
  • Applying Fields: Roof Pouring

  • Model: 26m Pumpcrete
  • Applying Fields: Rural Self-built House

  • Model: 40m Pumpcrete
  • Applying Fields: Foundation Pouring

Technical Details of Pumpcrete Boom Type

Dimension: L*W*H8800*2500*3360mm9000*2470*3360mm9000*2470*3360mm10250*2500*3750mm11700*2500*3950mm12600*2550*3950mm13850*2550*4000mm
ChassisSaic HongyanSaic HongyanSaic HongyanDongfengSinotruk ShandekaSinotruk ShandekaSinotruk Shandeka
Sinotruk Shandeka4×24×24×24×26×46×48×4
Engine BrandYuchaiYuchaiYuchaiYuchaiGerman mannGerman mannGerman mann
Vertical height of boom26m30m32.3m38m47m50m57.6m
Horizontal length of boom21.6m26.6m28.8m33.5m42.6m46m53.5m
Vertical depth of boom10.5m20m20m22m29.4m36.5m38m
Boom folding form4R5RZ5RZ5RZ5RZ6RZ6RZ
First Boom(Length/Rotation angle)6700mm/90°6400mm/90°6400mm/90°7500mm/90°9500mm/89°10000mm/89.5°11687mm/90°
Second Boom(Length/Rotation angle)4800mm/180°5000mm/180°5000mm/180°6200mm/180°7700mm/180°8250mm/180°9534mm/180°
Third Boom(Length/Rotation angle)5100mm/180°4800mm/180°4800mm/180°6100mm/180°7550mm/180°8050mm/180°9055mm/180°
Fourth Boom(Length/Rotation angle)5000mm/212°5100mm/212°6100mm/212°6700mm/229°8900mm/243°9450mm/243°11362mm/240°
Fifth Boom(Length/Rotation angle)/5300mm/180°6500mm/180°6700mm/212°9000mm/214°5750mm/220°7271mm/220°
Sixth Boom(Length/Rotation angle)/////4300mm/110°4653mm/110°
End delivery soft hose(Length)3m3m3m3m3m3m3m
Rotation angle of the turntable±360°±360°±360°±360°±360°±360°±360°
Front leg spread width5470mm5700mm5700mm6800mm8500mm9500mm9475mm
Rear leg spread width5140mm6800mm6800mm8350mm9400mm9800mm12853mm
Longitudinal distance of front and rear legs5710mm5900mm5900mm6800mm9000mm10400mm10483mm
Theoretical concrete displacement (low pressure)120m3/h120m3/h120m3/h140m3/h163m3/h163m3/h170m3/h
Distribution valve formS ValveS ValveS ValveS ValveS ValveS ValveS Valve
Cylinder inner diameter/stroke230/1600mm230/1600mm230/1600mm230/1550mm260/1600mm260/2200mm260/2200mm
Main oil pump displacement190ml/r190ml/r190ml/r190ml/r260ml/r260ml/r320ml/r
Inner diameter of conveying pipe125mm125mm125mm125mm125mm125mm125mm
Maximum aggregate size40mm40mm40mm40mm40mm40mm40mm
Concrete collapse160-220mm160-220mm160-220mm160-220mm160-220mm160-220mm160-220mm
System oil pressure31.5MPa31.5MPa31.5MPa31.5MPa31.5MPa31.5MPa31.5MPa
Hydraulic tank volume500L500L500L500L700L700L700L
High low voltage switchingAuto SwitchAuto SwitchAuto SwitchAuto SwitchAuto SwitchAuto SwitchAuto Switch
Lubrication modeCentral lubricationCentral lubricationCentral lubricationCentral lubricationCentral lubricationCentral lubricationCentral lubrication
Hydraulic oil cooling modeAir coolingAir coolingAir coolingAir coolingAir coolingAir coolingAir cooling

portable pumpcrete 30meters
30m Mobile Pumpcrete

boom type pumpcrete 38m
38m Portable Pumpcrete

47meters pumpcrete machine for sale philippines
47m Concrete Pumpcrete

pumpcrete for sale 58m
58m Stationary Pumpcrete

Trailer-type Pumpcrete Philippines

Trailer-type pumpcrete belongs to a mini pumpcrete for sale Philippines. It uses a hydraulic pressure system to transport the concrete discharged from a self-loading concrete mixer truck to the construction site along with several meters of pipelines.

Types of Mini Pumpcrete

There are two types of mini concrete pumpcrete, diesel-engined: ABT40C, ABT60C, and ABT80C; and electric-powered: ABT40D, ABT60D, and ABT80D.

stationary pumpcrete philippines ABT40C

Model   ABT40C
Max.theo.concrete output(H./L.) m3/h 26/40
Max.Concrete Pumping Pressure(H./L.) Mpa 10/8
Diesel Engine Model   Weichai
Electrical Engineering Power Kw 82
The Biggest Transportation is Away from Vertically(/Level) m 120/500
Max. Aggregate Diameter mm Scree:40
Inside Diameter of Delivering Pipe mm Ф125
line pumpcrete ABT60D

Model   ABT60D
Max.theo.concrete output(H./L.) m3/h 36/60
Max.Concrete Pumping Pressure(H./L.) Mpa 13/7
Electrical Engineering Power Kw 90
The Biggest Transportation is Away from Vertically(/Level) m 160/800
Max. Aggregate Diameter mm Scree:40
Inside Diameter of Delivering Pipe mm Ф125
Distribution Valve Type   S


  • Need to Set Down the Pipes Before Start of Work

    Trailer-mounted mini pumpcrete usually convey the concrete by some pipes laid on the ground or walls. On this account, you can transport the concrete mortar to several meters high or dozens of meters far away from the stationary concrete pump.

  • Movable Chassis

    Its body is smaller. And the mini concrete pump has a trailer chassis so that you can easily drag it to move between different construction sites.

  • Need Less Money to Invest

    The mini pumpcrete price is far lower than the cost of a boom-type pumpcrete for sale. Thence, buying a mini pumpcrete would be a good choice if you want to improve your site efficiency.

  • Applicable for Various Working Terrains and Scenes

    The mini portable pumpcrete only occupies a smaller space and you can easily drag it to various construction sites, including mountain roads, narrow roads, sand sites, muddy roads sites, and so on.

  • Can Pump Concrete to Both Horizontal and Vertical Distance

    The pumpcrete use is broad. You can use it for the roof or floor pouring work by pumping concrete to a few meters high, or for the foundation pouring work by conveying the concrete to several meters far away. By the way, its maximum pumping height is 260 meters, and its maximum horizontal pumping distance can reach 1200 meters.


Trailer-type stationary pumpcrete for sale can be used for making prefab concrete products, such as prefab concrete slabs, concrete molds, tunnel construction, or rural self-built house construction, etc.

pumpcrete concrete pumping 60m3

self loading mixer 4cubic meters

Pumpcrete Price Philippines

I can only tell you a price range about the pumpcrete machine price Philippines due to a lot of reasons. I list the price range here in the following part.

  • Price of Boom-type Pumpcrete Line Pump

    From 80000 USD

  • Price of Trailer-type Stationary Pumpcrete Philippines

    Diesel-engine: ABT40C-ABT80C: 23000-60000 USD

    Electric-power: ABT40D-ABT80D: 15000-60000 USD

Key Point You Should Tell Before Getting the Pumpcrete Price

When you want to get the exact pumpcrete price, you should first answer some questions.

1.What kind of pumpcrete machine do you need?

Since Aimix Group has two types of pumpcrete machine: boom-type pumpcrete portable pumpcrete for sale Philippines and trailer-type line pumpcrete. Thence, the pumpcrete truck price Philippines and trailer-type pumpcrete price will be different. Therefore, you should first tell us which kind of concrete pumpcrete you need. Then, we can send you the pumpcrete capacity and price details.

2.What Project Do You Have?

As we all know, different concrete pumpcrete machines will have different functions and performances, and can be applied for unequal construction projects. For example, concrete trailer pump is suitable for tunnel construction and rural construction projects, and boom-type pumpcrete stationary is suitable for high-rise building construction.

3.What Capacity You Need?

  • With regard to the boom-type stationary pumpcrete, Aimix has 26m, 30m, 33m, 38m, 47m, 50m, and 58m pumpcrete for sale. You need to tell us the pumpcrete size and model you need, then we can give you a reasonable price.
  • Towards the trailer-type mini pumpcrete, Aimix offers ABT40C, ABT60C, ABT80C, ABT40D, ABT60D, and ABT80D. You need figure out which capacity you need before asking us for the pumpcrete cost.

aimix group co,.ltd in Philippines

Contact us now if you feel confused to make a decision, and our sales team will give you professional advice to buy pumpcrete in the Philippines according to your actual requirement. As a reliable pumpcrete supplier Philippines, Aimix Group can offer you custom clearance services, delivery services, installation services, maintainence services, and door-to-door training services. With qualified pumpcrete for sale Philippines and superior after-sale services, Aimix Group can be a good choice to start your pumpcrete business in the Philippines.

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