Two Ways of Usage of Small Concrete Mixer with Pump for Self-built House Construction

Today, I am gonna display you a case of our ABJZ40C small concrete mixer with pump applied for a self-built house construction project in the Philippines. In this case, our customer makes use of our small concrete mixer with pump in two methods. Please go on checking the case details.

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Project Overviews

Before anything else, please let me introduce you with the project overviews and machine details.

  1. Machine Model: 1 set of ABJZ40C Concrete Mixer with Pump Machine
  2. Items: 2 Storey Self-built House Construction
  3. Project Place:Ormoc, The Philippines

Two Ways of Usage of AJBZ40C

In general, aimix concrete mixer with pump machine combines the functions of a concrete mixer and a concrete pump into a single machine. Thence, our diesel concrete mixer with pump with multi-functions allows our customer to mix concrete on-site and then pump the ready-mixed concrete to the second-floor. On the other hand, you can also use the single function of concrete mixer with pump. Now, I will show you how our customer uses the concrete pump machine.

  1. At the beginning, our customer bought 8 cubic meters of concrete from a local rmc supplier. The concrete is transported by a concrete mixer truck. Next, he discharges the concrete to the filtering hopper of our mini concrete mixer with pump. Then, the screened concrete will be directly pumped to the second floor. In this stage, our customer only uses the concrete pumping function.
  2. When the rmc concrete is totally unloaded, our customer stopped buying the commercial rmc concrete due to the expensive costs. After that, he starts to mix concrete on his own by means of using aimix concrete mixer with pump. Using a concrete mixer pump for self-built house construction can be cost-effective. Our small concrete mixer with pump has a mixer drum that can continuously produce concrete and a hydraulic pumping system that can allow the freshly mixed concrete to be easily transported to the second floor.

The following is a machine working video shot from our customer’s sites. As you can see from this video, our customer uses two methods to use our concrete pump machine for his projects.

How To Use Aimix Concrete Mixer with Pump for Making Concrete On-site?

Here, I am gonna show you how does our concrete mixer with pump work for our customer’s self-built house construction in details.

  • First and foremost, add cement, sand, gravel, or other stone materials to the lifting hopper.
  • Then, the lifting hopper will transport all the materials to the mixer drum. During this process, you can add some water to the mixer drum at the same time.
  • Next, the mixer drum starts to stir all the materials and finally discharges them to the filtering hopper.
  • Later, the filtered concrete will be pumped to the second floor along with the vertical pipe lines.

Customer Appreciation Letter

Now, I attach the customer appreciation letter for our concrete mixer with pump unit. Our customer expresses his praise for our machine and our training services of Aimix Group.

customer reviews for aimix group

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