40m3 Mini Concrete Line Pump Useful for Column, Beam, and Wall Pouring in Manila

Lately, one customer from the Philippines bought one set of ABT40C mini concrete line pump for the sake of concrete pouring for one of his rural house building construction projects. And he uses our hydraulic concrete pump to convey the concrete mortar for the structural columns, beams, and wall. After using our concrete pump for a period of time, he sent us some pictures and working videos. Now, let’s take a look at them.

Project Overview

house construction

Let’s have a look at our customer’s working site at the above picture. As you can see, it is a 2-storey building. Next, I will list you the detailed information about his projects and the concrete pump tow behind model.

  • Application Place: Manila, the Philippines
  • Use For: Concrete Pouring for the 2-storey Rural Building Construction
  • Model of Concrete Pump: ABT40C Diesel Concrete Pump

Working Video

For further showing you the working process of our 40m3 concrete pump, I attach one video here, please check and you can give us your opinion hereafter.

After checking all the details of the project, now it is time to find out why our mini line pump is so useful for his projects.

Why A Concrete Pump So Useful for this Building Construction Item?

  • First of all, aimix concrete pump has helped save a lot of time for the placing of concrete to the structural columns, beams, slabs, and wall. It can pump about 26m3 concrete per hour. Therefore, it can greatly shorten the construction period.
  • Secondly, our 40cubic meters concrete pump can both horizontally and vertically convey the ready-made concrete to the buildings. Its maximum horizontal pumping distances can reach to 500 meters, and its maixmum vertical pumping height can reach to 120 meters. As a result, the small concrete line pump can easily complete the pouring work for the superstructure.
  • Actually, our customers have contracted a lot of residential projects in Manila, and this building construction project is only one of our customers’ projects. Thence, with the flexibility and mobility, our concrete pump can be easily transferred by our client.

Besides, our line pumps are also widely used for other kinds of building construction projects. Here, I will show you some cases.

  • Model: ABT40C
  • Using Place: Indonesia
  • Applied for: Roof Pouring

  • Model: ABT40C
  • Using Place: Russia
  • Applied for: Floor Pouring

If you also need one mini concrete line pump for your wall pouring or other kinds of concrete pouring work, Aimix Group is here to wait for your inquiry.

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