AJ-50 Foundation-Free Batching Plant Started Production In Surigao, The Philippines

The AJ-50 foundation-free concrete batching plant started production in Surigao, the Philippines. This project is mainly used for road construction. The customer completed the order in July 2019, and completed the installation at the construction site in December, and is now officially started to immerse in work. Our after-sales engineers filmed the operation video of the equipment and took a group photo with the construction staff during the return visit to the customer. The video was shot very clearly, and it recorded the working process of the entire batching plant production line in detail:

Working video of AJ-50 foundation-free batching plant:

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Group photo with staff during installation:

Group photo with the staff
Group photo with the staff
AJ50-foundation-free type in Surigao City the Philippines
AJ50-foundation-free type in Surigao City the Philippines

This series of batching plants adopts a modular design. It occupies a small area and saves land. It does not need to be a foundation, as long as the ground is hardened and kept level. Another advantage is: easy to move, the outrigger part can be bolted and quickly assembled, disassembly and assembly are quick, and the transition is convenient.

The main configuration list of the AJ-50 Foundation-Free type plant is as follows:

  1. 2 sets of 100ton Bolted Type Cement Silo;
  2. 2sets of LSY219 Screw Conveyor
  3. 1 set JS1000 concrete mixer
  4. 1 set PLD1600 Aggregate Batching Machine with 3 bins
  5. Weighing System for cement, water, and additive
  6. Full automatic computer Control System
  7. Pneumatic System
  8. Water Measuring System
  9. Mixing Tower (Steel structure)
  10. Cement Measuring System
  11. Additive Measuring system

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