ABM-10S block making machine for sale

Block Making Machine

Block making machine is also called baking-free block brick making machine. Different from traditional block machine, block making equipment can produce the bricks by hydraulic system rather than burning. Moreover, block machine takes the waste of resource as its raw materials. This can not only improve the comprehensive utilization of resource, but also reduce your cost of raw materials. The raw materials of our block bricks machine includes fly ash, river sand, sea sand, mountain sand, ore powder, slag, stone powder, cinder, tailing slag, chemical slag, etc. You just need one or two raw materials among them and you can produce high-quality bricks.

block production line
a complete ABM-8S block production line
ABM-8S Hollow brick perforated brick Standard brick
Block number / pallet 8 18 36
Block output / 8 hrs 15360 43200 86400
Forming cycle (s) 12–15 12–15 12–15
Product Specification 390*190*190 240*115*90 240*115*53

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Various of block making machines

As a professional blockmachine manufacturer in Philippines, we can produce various of machine for our different customers. Then I will introduce the types and models of our block production line.

According to the finished bricks, we have solid brick making machine, interlocking brick making machine, hollow block machine, etc.

According to the main raw materials, there are concrete block machine, cement block brick machine, fly ash block machine and so on.

Depending on its automatic degree of control system, you can choose fully automatic type and semi automatic type block brick machine.

ABM-6S block making machine

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inspect brick machine
inspect the our machine
ABM-6S Hollow brick perforated brick Standard brick
Block number / pallet 6 15 30
Block output / 8 hrs 11520-14400 28800-36000 57600-72000
Forming cycle (s) 12–15 12–15 12–15
Product Specification 390*190*190 240*115*90 240*115*53

Finally, we have different models for your selection, ABM-3S, ABM-4S, ABM-4S, ABM-4S, ABM-6S, ABM-8S, ABM-10S, ABM-12S, etc. The difference among them is the production capacity and its working cycle.

One of the advantages of our diesel block making machine is that you get get different bricks from one block and brick machine as long as you change the mould. In general, our block manufacturing machine can produce hollow bricks, interlocking bricks, lawn bricks, maple leaves bricks, insulating bricks and so on. Whether you need to use the bricks on garden construction or road construction, I believe that you will get the satisfied bricks.

 finished bricks
different bricks
different bricks produced by Aimix block equipment
ABM-10S block making machine for sale
ABM-10S Hollow brick perforated brick Standard brick
Block number / pallet 10 24 52
Block output / 8 hrs  19200 46080-57600 99840-124800
Forming cycle (s) 12–15 12–15 12–15
Product Specification 390*190*190 240*115*90 240*115*53

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ABM-12S block machine
ABM-12S Hollow brick perforated brick Standard brick
Block number / pallet 12 30 60
Block output / 8 hrs about 23040 57600 115200
Forming cycle (s) 15 15 15
Product Specification
390*190*190 240*115*90 240*115*53

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Aimix block brick making machine in Philippines

Block production machine becomes more and more popular In Philippines. As the development of construction industry, block machine plays an important role on different projects. Up to now, we have exported many sets of stationary block making machine to Philippines. Of course, besides Philippines, our block brick making machine also serve for other country’s customers, such as, Pakistan, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, South Africa, Ethiopia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Australia, Russia, Thailand, Brazil, etc. Because of its stable performance, low failure rate, high working efficiency, easy operation and maintenance, our customers all speak highly of our machine. Therefore, I hope you can get a good block machine from our company.

Here are some pictures about our Aimix block and brick machine in different cities in Philippines, Manila, Cebu, Davao, Naga, Legazpi, Palompon, Subic, etc. Of course, you can learn more information.

ABM-3S block making machine in Manila
ABM-3S in Manila, Philippines
ABM-4S block making machine for sale
ABM-3S Hollow brick perforated brick Standard brick
Block number / pallet 3 8 21
Block output / 8 hrs 5600 12000 19200
Forming cycle (s) 20-30 15-20 15-20
Product Specification 390*190*190 240*115*90 240*115*53

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ABM-4S block machine in philippines
ship ABM-4S to Cebu
ABM-4S block machine
Model ABM-4S
Overall size 3500x2100x2550mm
Shaping cycle 15-18 seconds
Pallet size 1010x550x30mm
Vibration frequency Max.4500 R/Min
Electricity 380V/220V/ (adjustable)
Vibration force 55KN

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Some questions that maybe you want to know

Before you purchase the block making equipment, maybe you have some confusion about this our equipment. So I prepare some questions that you may want to know and give their answers.

Question one: What do I need to prepare to open a brick factory?

Answer: Only you have one or two kind of raw material, some investment cost and a certain size of construction site, you can open a brick factory. The scale of your brick factory depends on your investment cost and construction site.


Question tow: How about the quality of bricks produced by block making machine?

Answer: Although the block bricks machine can produce the bricks without burning, the quality of bricks is still hard and durable. You can use the bricks safely.

Question three: How long does it take to make a profit?

Answer: When you plan to invest a block production line, the most your concerned thing is its benefits. If you choose a suitable block making machine and operate it correctly, maybe you can get the benefits within half a year.

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