Debugging Reversible Drum Concrete Batching Plant in The Philippines

Good news! Aimix Group has successfully debugged two units of reversible drum concrete batching plants in the Philippines. It is also named after the compact concrete batching plant due to its small size, simple design, and structure. Now, this kind of plant is popular in the Philippines market.

Installing Reversible Drum Concrete Plant in The Philippines

What Is A Reversible Drum Concrete Batching Plant?

What is a reversible drum concrete batching plant? Maybe it is the first time to hear of the drum-type concrete plant for some customers. Simply speaking, it is a concrete batching plant that has been equipped with a drum concrete mixer to blend the concrete mixture. That’s the biggest difference between the ordinary concrete plant and the drum concrete plant. In addition, Some clients may not have a high budget for the equipment. In this way, it is an ideal choice. Aimix also simplified the cement storage part to lower the drum-type concrete plant price. The detailed configuration can be customized. Contact us for further discussion!

Reversible Drum Concrete Batching Plant in The Philippines

Wide Usage of Drum Type Concrete Plant in The Philippines

In the Philippines, a lot of customers have bought reversible drum concrete batching plants for different uses. Due to the small capacity, it is more appropriate for small construction projects, like houses, buildings, roads, roads, et. Besides, the customers can buy concrete plants for different purposes, such as self-using for projects, renting, and commercial concrete business. Because compared with the ordinary concrete plant for sale in the market, the price of a drum-type concrete plant is rather cheap. Customers can get returns in 6 months after investing in one generally. Therefore, it is deserved to be invested in business!

Two Sets of Drum Concrete Batching Plants in The Philippines

If you have a plan to buy a reversible drum batching plant for business. Welcome to contact us right now! We are always here to respond to you! Email: WhatsApp: +8618569986793.

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