How Does A Concrete Pump Work?

cement concrete pump for sale in Aimix

In Aimix Group, there are two kinds of cement concrete pumps for sale, concrete mixer pumps, and concrete trailer pumps. Thence, if you want to figure out the working principles of concrete pumps, we will explain them in two ways.

How Does the Concrete Mixer with Pump Work?

First of all, let me introduce you with our mixer-type concrete pump for sale. It is called a concrete mixer with pump. Its main features are that the concrete mixer pump has a lifting hopper and mixer drum on the pump. Therefore, it has both concrete mixing and pumping functions in one machine.

cement mixer and pump 30m3
ABJZ30C Concrete Mixer Pump

concrete mixer with pump machine 40m3
ABJZ40C Concrete Mixer Pump

Concrete Mixer Pump Working Principle

After learning what the concrete mixer with pump machine is, now let me explain to you how the concrete mixer pump works.

  • Aggregate Feeding Process: Since the concrete mixer pump can self-mix concrete, the first working step is using a wheel loader or excavator to feed cement, sand, gravel, or stone materials to the lifting hopper. Next, the hopper is lifted to discharge all the aggregate materials into the mixer drum.
  • Concrete Mixing Process: Add some water to the mixer drum. Then, start the mixing system to stir all the materials together. Actually, the mixer drum has two whirling directions, forward rotation, and reverse rotation. Forward rotation is for stirring the mixture, while reverse rotation is for discharging the ready-mixed concrete.
  • Unloading Process: Start the discharging system and unload the finished concrete to the filtering hopper under the mixer drum. In this step, the concrete with more than 40mm particle size will be filtered to prevent the pipes from plugging.
  • Pumping Process: You should first lay some pipes on the ground or put up the pipes next to tall buildings. Then, start the hydraulic pumping system to convey the concrete to the construction sites along with the pipes.

Working Process Video of Concrete Mixer Pump

Here, I attach some videos to further show you how the concrete mixer pump works for mixing and conveying the concrete at the construction sites.

How Does the Trailer Concrete Pump Work?

Trailer concrete pump is the most useful concrete pouring machine. Concrete trailer pumps use hydraulic pressure to pump the concrete to a long distance or a high height. Please continue reading for the trailer-type concrete pump working principle.

pull behind concrete pump 40m3
ABT40C Trailer Concrete Pump

concrete pump diesel in Aimix Group
ABT40C Working for Self-built House Construction

Concrete Trailer Pump Working Principle

Because the trailer-type cement pump only has one pumping function, it will be easier to understand how it works.

  • Feeding Process: First, the concrete mixer truck discharges the concrete mixture to the filtering hopper of the concrete pump.
  • Filtering Process: Next, the concrete is filtered in this step. Concrete of more than 40mm particle size will be screened.
  • Pumping Process: Now, put on the pumping button, then the hydraulic pressure pumping system will be started. Afterward, the concrete is transported to the right position along with the pipes.

Working Video of Trailer-type Concrete Pump

Right now, I will also show you some videos about the placing of concrete by our concrete trailer pumps.

After checking the concrete pump working principles, you may have any questions about our portable concrete pumps for sale Philippines. Welcome to contact us for any questions. It will be our honor to send you more information about our concrete pumping machines.

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