LB1000 Asphalt Mixing Plants In Philippines

Good news! One set of LB1000 asphalt mixing plant was achieved installation in Manila, Philippines. LB1000 asphalt mixing plant is a stationary type of asphalt mixing plant. We also can supply mobile asphalt mixing plant for sale and semi stationary asphalt mixing plant for sale. Otherwise, according to operation process, there are two main types included, such as intermittent forced mixing type and continuous drum type asphalt mixing plant. And LB1000 is an intermittent forced type asphalt mixing plant.

Aimix Asphalt Batching Plant In Philippines
Aimix Asphalt Batching Plant In Philippines
LB1000 stationary type

Model: LB1000

Rated capacity: 80t/h

Vibrating screen: 4

Rated mixing capacity: 1200kg

Fuel Type: Diesel, heavy oil, natural gas, liquefied gas, pulverized coal

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Customer Story

The customer cared about delivery date very much. After we has received his order, we put into production in advance. Therefore, we had completed production when our customer decided to visit our factory. of course, we put product quality into the first place.Based on our good quality and high efficient service. Our customer was very glad and satisfied with us.

YLB800 mobile type

Model: YLB800

Production Capacity: 40t/h

Vibrating screen: 4 layer

Rated mixing capacity: 600kg

Fuel type: Heavy/Light oil

Hot aggregate bin:9.5m3

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DHB-40 drum type
Model: DHB40

Production Capacity: 40/h

Cold Aggregate Storage: 4.0m3×4

Fuel Consumption: 5.5-7.0kg/t(Fuel)

Discharge Temperature: 120-160℃

Unloading Height: 3m

Total power: 75kw

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Dryer drum1
Dryer drum
Dust Remover
Dust Remover
Control System
Control System

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There are many types of asphalt mixing plant for sale we can supply, moreover, we are one of largest asphalt mixing plant manufacturers in China with a history of more than 30 years. In Philippines, we have LBS center, address is Staint Paul Rd, Makati, Manila, Philippines. If you have requirements of asphalt mixing plant, you can choose us, we have masted the most advanced technology of manufacturing asphalt mixing plant, almost all types of asphalt mixing plants we could manufacture.
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