Self Loading Concrete Mixer Price

Self loading concrete mixer price starts from 12000 USD. In Aimix Group, there are several models of self loading concrete mixers for sale in Philippines, including 1.2m3, 1.8m3, 2.6m3, 3.5m3, 4.0m3, 5.5m3, and 6.5m3. The prices for these models are different. Please go on reading for the comprehensive prices.

self loading concrete mixer price 3.5cubic meters
3.5cubic meters self loader concrete mixer price
price of 3.5m3 self loading concrete mixer

Self Loading Mixer Price

Aimix provides AS-1.2, AS-1.8, AS-2.6, AS-3.5, AS-4.0, AS-5.5, and AS-6.5 self loading mixers for sale in the Philippines. The numbers in the models represent the concrete mixing capacities per batch. For example, AS-3.5 can output 3.5 cubic meters of concrete per batch. And each batch will cost about 15 minutes. As Aimix Group has so many sizes of self concrete mixer, I will list the price of self loading concrete mixer in the following part for you to choose from.

  • AS-1.2: 12000-18000 USD
  • AS-1.8: 14000-20000 USD
  • AS-2.6: 19000-32000 USD
  • AS-3.5: 28000-35000 USD
  • AS-4.0: 32000-42000 USD
  • AS-5.5: 40000-52000 USD
  • AS-6.5: 55000-70000 USD

As you can see, I have listed the price ranges of all the self-loading concrete mixer machines. Why do they have so many different prices? Please go on reading to find answers if you are interested in knowing what factors can exactly influence the self loading concrete mixer machine price.

Why Are the Self Loader Concrete Mixer Prices Different?

There are a lot of elements that may affect the total self loading transit mixer price. Let me explain them to you now.

Batching Capacities

As the batching capacity of each model of the self loading mixers for sale is different, the mini self loading concrete mixer prices are also different. For example, AS-3.5 can batch about 3.5m3 concrete per 15 minutes and 14m3 concrete per hour, and AS-4.0 can produce about 4.0 cubic meters of concrete per 15 minutes and 16m3 concrete per hour. Thence, the batching capacity of AS-4.0 is larger than AS-3.5. To sum up, the 3.5m3 self loading mixer price is smaller than the 4.0m3 mixer machine.

self loading mixer machine

self loading concrete mixer capacity

Movable Cab

There are two kinds of self loading concrete mixer truck for sale in Aimix Group. One is that the cab moves in pace with the mixer drum, and another one is that the cab is fixed on the wheeled chassis. The costs for these two kinds of mixers are different after all.

Air Conditioner

We can add an air conditioner in the cab so that you can more comfortably use it in different seasons. So, adding the air conditioner will be an extra cost.

As I have listed so many reasons that can influence the self loading concrete mixer truck price of Aimix Group. You can contact us for more details about the price catalog. Now, I will continuously list the features and advantages of aimix self loading concrete mixers so that you will understand why you should buy self-loading mixers from Aimix Group.

Concrete Self-Load Vehicles

Beneficial Points of Making Order from Aimix Group

  • Buying a construction machine may cost you a lot of money if you want to invest some funds to expand your building business in the Philippines. Therefore, you need to buy a qualified self loading mixture machine in order to serve you a longer lifetime. That is to say, you should value more on the machine quality and the after-sale service. In other words, a lower self concrete mixer price may bring you a lot of subsequent problems in the process of using the machines.
  • So, as a self loading concrete mixer company in the Philippines, although Aimix Group may not supply you with the lowest price, our company has mature manufacturing experience and excellent after-sale service so that we can make certain that aimix self loading concrete mixer truck can give you a better using experience.
  • Right now, I will list the advantages of our company and our machines in the following part. Contact Aimix Group in Philippines now if you have any problems.

self loading concrete mixer price for sale in Aimix

Enlarged Water Tank and Automatic Water Supply System

  • Aimix equips the self loading machines with an enlarged water tank wherefore it is more convenient for you to work in remote areas where lack of water. As we all know, water supply is a big issue that you need to consider when you need to use the mixer machine for your construction projects in the suburbs or mountain areas. Enlarged water helps you to save time to load water.
  • What’s more, it has an automatic water supply system, which can automatically supply water to the mixer drum for mixing concrete or cleaning the inside of the drum. In this way, it will save you about 1-2 workers.

Two-way Driving Function

This function is very convenient for you when you are working on a narrow road, a muddy road, or a sandy road. As we all know, it is difficult to change direction on rough terrains. With this two-way driving function, you can easily drive our self loading rough terrain concrete mixer for the pouring work.

One Machine with Multiple Functions and Save Labor Costs

  • A self loading mixer truck can complete the amount of work to be done by a concrete mixer, a concrete mixer truck, and a wheel loader. That is to say, you will not need to buy those three machines if you buy one set of concrete self loading mixer.
  • What is more, a self concrete mixer machine can fulfill the self-loading cement and sand materials, self-weighing aggregate materials in the bucket, self-mixing the concrete, self-carrying the concrete, and self-discharging the concrete work on its own. It can be regarded as a concrete batching plant. Thus, it can replace about 10 workers on your sites. Imagine that the labor costs of 10 workers will be a huge cost. As a result, the self loading mobile concrete mixer price can be ignored if we are talking about the labor costs year after year.

control sysstem
Control System

self concrete mixer price 4.0m3 in Aimix
Self-Loading and Self-Weighing System

Automatic Computer Control System and Complete Concrete Formulas

There is a computer screen in the cab. And the computer has several sets of concrete formulas you can use for your different kinds of construction applications. You can command the computer control system to complete various operations, including self-loading the bucket to feed cement, sand, or gravel, self-weighing all the materials in line with the concrete formulas, self-supplying water, self-mixing all the materials, self-transporting the concrete inside of the drum to any place you want, and self-discharging the concrete out along with the chute.

Wide Applications

Since our self loading and weighing concrete mixers can make dry-hard concrete, they are widely used for various kinds of construction items, involving self-built house construction, warehouse construction, rural reconstruction, engineering construction, bridge construction, sewer construction, road paving or repairing construction, prefab concrete products making work, and so on.

AS-3.5 Working for Church Construction

In this case, 3.5m3 self loading mixer is pouring ready-made concrete for church construction.

price of self loading concrete mixer 3.5m3

AS-3.5 for Foundation Construction

Our 3.5m3 is in charge of mixing and pouring the concrete for the foundations construction.

self loading transit mixer price 3.5cubic meters

AS-3.5 for Self-built House Construction

This photos shows that our AS-3.5 cooperates with a 40m3 concrete pump for the placing of concrete.

self loading mixer and 40m3 diesel concrete pump

AS-4.0 for Prefab Products Making Work

In this photo, you can see that our AS-4.0 unloads the finished concrete to a trailer concrete pump for making prefab products.

self loading mixer price in the Philippines

Full Set of After-sale Service

Aimix can provide you with a full set of after-sale services in the Philippines, including custom clearance services, delivery services, installation services, maintenance services, and training services. Aimix has local agents and partners who can supply timely services for each of our customers.

Aimix Group Co,.Ltd
aimix group self loading mixer

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