A Complete Crushing Production Line

Stone Crusher Plant For Sale

The function of the stone crusher plant for sale mainly is to crush the stone materials from large size to small or mini size. Crushed sand and gravel aggregate has a wide application on mining, smelting, building materials, railway, water conservancy, chemical and other industries. With the development of the construction industry, more and more customers are willing to invest in a stone crushing plant. For stone crushing plants, crusher machine is a vital component. In order to crush different hardness of materials, we provide you with different crusher machines, such as jaw crusher, stone crusher, impact crusher, and so on.

a complete stone crusher production line
a complete stone crusher production line

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Why is stone crusher plant for sale popular?

Although automatic stone crusher plant belongs to large construction equipment, because of its high working efficiency and high return on investment, it is popular on the market. So why is crushing stone plant popular?

For the construction industry, a stone crusher for sale can provide enough sand and gravel aggregate. As we all know, sand and gravel aggregate is the main raw material whether you want to produce concrete or asphalt mixture. So the best stone crusher plant can crush the large stone. After screening, you can get all sizes of gravel.

mobile jaw crusher plant for sale
mobile jaw crusher plant
tyred type stone crusher plant
Models MZ3090E46
Transport Dimensions (L×W×H)(mm) 8700×2450×3600
Weight (t) 17
Vibrating Feeder ZSW300×90
Jaw Crusher PE400×600
Size of Belt 500×10M
Number of Axles 1

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jaw crusher mobile stone plant
Models MZ3090E57
Transport Dimensions (L×W×H)(mm) 9400×2450×3650
Weight (t) 29
Vibrating Feeder ZSW300×90
Jaw Crusher PE500×750
Size of Belt 650×10M
Number of Axles 2

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For cement industry, finished stone crushed by crusher plant for stone will increase its specific surface area. This can increase the physical effect and chemical reaction speed. Quick reaction speed will reduce heat when burning.

For the mineral processing industry, a stone crusher mini plant should keep the principle of more crushing and less grinding. The right crushing method of stone crushing plant can save energy, reduce consumption, and emission.

Therefore, invest in a stone crusher plant for sale for your projects and you can obtain great profits.

mobile stone crusher plant works in construction site
mobile series plant works in construction site

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Types of stone crusher plant

In general, stone crusher plant for sale has stationary type and mobile type. Because of the mobility and flexibility, stone crusher mobile plant becomes more and more popular. Therefore, I will introduce it for you.

Mobile type stone crusher plant can be divided into crawler type plant and tyred type plant. Mobile type stone crushing plant for sale has a compact structure. You can combine with several sets of the mobile plant from a crushing production line, which is convenient to move. Check out the specification of the mobile stone crushing plant for sale to learn it in detail.

crawler type stone crusher plant for sale
crawler type plant

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tyred type stone crusher plant for sale
tyred type plant

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working principle of stone crusher plant
working principle of mobile type plant

Pick up a suitable machine for your project

In order to get a suitable jaw stone crusher plant for sale, you should learn your demand firstly. Of course, if you have no idea about selecting a right machine, contact us and our salesman will give you professional advice.

First of all, we need to know the kind of materials that you need to crush. It is river pebbles, quartzite, granite, basalt or marble? According to the hardness of these raw materials, we can choose a suitable crusher machine for you.

stone crusher plant
stone crushing plant for sale

stone crushing plant
stone crushing plant machine
stone crusher plant machine

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Then, we should know your requirement for production output. You should tell us how much gravel aggregate you need in one day or one year. Our salesman will calculate the appropriate output of the stone crusher plant for sale in one hour. Depending on the production capacity in one hour, you can choose a right model of stone crushing plant for sale.

Last but not least, there are other aspects you should consider. For example, consider the application of finished product. You can get different shapes of finished gravel aggregate if you use different crusher machine. Maybe the materials are oblate or maybe it is quadrate. So we need to design the stone crushing plant for sale according to your needs. There are the following factors you should be concerned about: the water content of raw materials; the electric power and environmental condition of your construction site; environmental requirement; the area of a construction site and so on.

mobile cone crusher plant
mobile cone crusher type plant

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Models M3Y1548P900 M3Y1848P1200 M3Y1848S75 M3Y1860S160
Transport Dimensions (L×W×H)(mm) 11500×2450×3950 13800×2450×3950 14000×2850×4200 14600×2850×4200
Weight (t) 29 46 36 49
Cone Crusher PY900 PY1200 WKS75 WKS160
Vibrating Screen 3YA1548 3YA1848 3YA1848 3YA1860
Size of Belt 500×7M 650×7M 650×7M 800×8M
Number of Axles 2 2 2 3

To sum up, you should take there factors into consideration. At this condition, you can maximize the production capacity of stone crusher plant for sale.

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