Which Kind of Stone Crusher is Suitable for Crushing River Stones?

In the Philippines, the river stones have great majority. However, the river stones can be crushed and used for the aggregate materials for various kinds of construction projects, and it includes pebbles, cobbles, and cobblestones. If you want to start a stone crushing business plan in the Philippines, the first thing you should consider is which kind of stone crusher is suitable for curshing river stones. In this article, we will explore different types of stone crushers that are suitable for crushing these materials and discuss their unique features and advantages.

river stone

Let me talk about the conclusion first. In fact, both of the jaw crusher and cone crusher are suitable for crushing different types of river stones. In the following part, I will list all of their advantages and disadvantages for you to choose.

Jaw Crusher

Hydraulic jaw crushers are primarily used for coarse crushing. They have a fixed jaw plate and a movable jaw plate that move back and forth to squeeze the material against the fixed jaw. This crushing action breaks the pebbles and stones into smaller sizes.

how jaw crusher works
How Jaw Crusher Works


  • Robust Crushing Power: Stone jaw crusher machines are renowned for their robust construction and powerful crushing capabilities, making them ideal for crushing hard and abrasive materials like pebbles, cobble, and cobblestone. With their strong jaws, jaw crushers effectively break down these materials into smaller sizes.
  • Versatile Application: Apart from this, it offers adjustable settings, allowing for precise control over the final product size. This versatility makes them suitable for various applications and end-product requirements. Their adaptability enables them to handle different sizes of pebbles, cobble, and cobblestone.

jaw crusher mining
Jaw Crusher Philippines

stone jaw crusher for sale
Jaw Crusher Spares

Cone Crusher

Stone cone crusher machines, on the other hand, are used for finer crushing. They have a conical-shaped crushing head that rotates inside a fixed bowl. The material is crushed between the mantle (the crushing head) and the bowl liner, resulting in a finer product.

working of cone crusher
Working of Cone Crusher


  • Efficient Crushing Action: Cone crushers mining deliver efficient and uniform crushing action, making them suitable for crushing pebbles, cobble, and cobblestone. The cone-shaped crushing chamber ensures consistent and efficient crushing of these materials.
  • Wide Range of Applications: Rock cone crushers are commonly used for secondary and tertiary crushing stages, making them versatile for different crushing requirements. They find widespread use in the mining and aggregate industries for crushing pebbles, cobble, and cobblestone into desired sizes.

single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher philippines
Single Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher Philippines

symons crusher
Symons Crusher

Comparison Between Jaw Crusher and Cone Crusher

  • In terms of the crushing process, granite jaw crushers are better suited for initial crushing in a crushing plant, as they can handle larger feed sizes and have a higher reduction ratio. But, primary jaw crushers are generally simpler in structure, have a higher initial cost, and are less efficient at producing a uniform product shape. However, they are more rugged and suitable for handling harder materials.
  • While aggregate cone crushers excel at producing a more cubical product shape and are better for secondary or tertiary crushing stages. What is more, standard cone crushers offer better control of the final product size, have a lower initial cost, and are generally more efficient at producing a cubical product shape. However, they are more complex in structure and require regular maintenance.

Case Presentation

60TPH Crushing Plant

  • Primary Crusher: APJ-4060E jaw crusher
  • Secondary Crusher: APC-900Y spring cone crusher
  • Other Parts: APG-0724Z vibrating feeder, APS-1548Y3 vibrating screen
  • Crushing Rock: Pebbles
60tph crushing plant
60tph Crushing Plant

The choice between the jaw and cone crusher depends on factors such as the desired product size, the hardness and abrasiveness of the material, the capacity requirements, and the budget. It is recommended to consult with our professional sales in Aimix Group Philippines to determine the most suitable crusher for your specific application. Wait for your news.

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