aimix crushing plant

Export A Complete Crushing Production Line To Philippines

Few days ago, we successfully exported a complete set of crushing production line to our customers from Philippines. As we all know, crushing machine belongs to heavy construction machinery. It is mainly used to crush different materials to get the sand and gravel aggregate. A complete set of crushing production line includes not only crusher … Read more

Smoothly Transport 4cub Self Loading Mixer Machine To Philippines

Good news! Few days ago, we successfully transported Aimix 4cub self loading mixer machine to Philippines. Self loading cement mixer is a kind of concrete mixer machine. Compared with other types of mixer machine, it has its own advantages. Our engineers have been keeping technological innovation in order to produce the loading mixers that satisfy … Read more

ABM-4S brick machine

Deliver ABM-4S Hollow Block Machine To Philippines

Share with you a piece of good news! Our Aimix Group successfully transported a set of ABM-4S hollow block machine to Philippines. Hollow block machine is a kind of brick making machine. Taking the waste resource as its raw materials, our hollow block making machine can produce high-quality hollow bricks for your projects. Of course, … Read more

AJ-35 spare parts

Export Aimix AJ-35 Cement Mixing Plant To Philippines

Congratulations! Our Aimix transportation team successfully transported AJ-35 cement mixing plant to Philippines. AJ-35 concrete batch mix plant is one of the most popular model of plants because of its small occupation area, small investment cost, stable performance, high working efficiency and  high return on investment. Whether you use it for your own building construction … Read more

HBTS90R trailer pump

HBTS90 Diesel Concrete Trailer Pump Is Exported To Philippines

Good news! Our Aimix HBTS90R concrete trailer pump is exported to Philippines! This model of trailer concrete pump is diesel engine that is more suitable for these areas where it is not convenient to use the electricity. Moreover, the production capacity of HBTS90R concrete trailer pump can be up to 90m3/h. If your project is … Read more

AJ-35 cement mixing plant

AJ-35 Concrete Batching Plant Is Installed In Philippines

Here are a piece of good news sharing with you! Few days ago, our AJ-35 concrete batching plant was successfully installed in Philippines. This customer is our new customer. He found our company from online. Because we have our branch office in Manila, Philippines, he pays a visit to our office and learn our company … Read more

2.6cub self loading mixer

Debug 2.6cub Self Loading Mixer Truck In Muntinlupa, Philippines

Congratulations! Our Aimix 2.6cub self loading mixer truck was debugged in Muntinlupa, Philippines. Under the guidance of our engineers, our customer can operate the self loading concrete mixer bu himself. Our self loading concrete mixer has wide application on different projects, such as, road construction, bridge  construction, building construction and so on. This customer wants … Read more

AJY-35 mobile cement plant

Deliver AJY-35 Mobile Concrete Batch Plant To Philippines

Few days ago, we successfully delivered our AJY-35 mobile concrete batching plant to Philippines. Because the mobile type concrete plant does not require a foundation, it just takes few hours from installing it to debugging it. The biggest advantages of mobile type concrete batch mix plant is its mobility. You just need to spend few … Read more

ABM-4S brick machine

Install And Debug ABM-4S Hollow Block Machine In Manila, Philippines

Good news for your! Few days ago, our ABM-4S hollow block making machine was transported to Manila, Philippines. At the same time, our engineers also arrived the customer’s construction site. Because we have branch office in Philippines and our engineers and salesman work there for the long time, it is convenient for us to help … Read more

Aimix AJ-60 Stationary Concrete Mixing Plant Works In Cebu, Philippines

Good news sharing with you! Few days ago, our Aimix AJ-60 stationary concrete batch mix plant was test run in Cebu, Philippines. Now, it can work normally. In the presence of our customers, our engineers inspect the every part of this concrete batch mix plant after installation. And then, our engineers show our customers how … Read more